Organizing Website

I have started organizing website again. Apart from having a good amount of content, a website should be very well navigated. When the website is small sized, it is easier to take care of. However, website restructuring is required often with growth of website.

When website becomes loaded with content, finding the content becomes a problem. From webmaster’s point of view presenting most important content and making content findable is a big concern because that is why the website is in existence – presenting the content to people.

Whether people like, approve or read is next thing. The content must come to user.

In this era, there are two kinds of users – people and search engines.

Ultimate user are people no doubt but search engines become intermediaries which people can search through and find the relevant content.

Search engines have their own priorities so that they could stay in business. They need to present most relevant content to the search query submitted to them.

No! It is not as easy as it seems. With millions of website to choose from, content needs to be evaluated for relevance, appropriateness and usability.

Because most of this work is done by computers and not humans, search engines follow protocols, called algorithm which is always evolving.

I have recently restructured the website for providing better access to search engine crawlers.

Restructuring the website needs constant evaluation, a touch with trends, protocol updates and know how of the procedure that would lead to restructuring.

It is a lot of task for a person who is in full time practice, administrates a hospital, research and write content, and manages the website.

Therefore I touch this aspect occasionally. But organizing website is important  and it has been started

I strongly believe that even with present content, this site should perform much better than it does but it requires constant what they call tweaking.

You might see stats reduced to zero in all posts because of recent restructuring.

Never mind! Things are already looking better.


Action Begins

Home For Profits was first website of mine. There were many after that but it has always be close to my heart. As I write these lines today, I am aghast to accept that I have not written a single word for almost three years on this website.

I am back on the site and trying to grasp the changed world of marketing in these three years. Most pronounced change has been the boom of mobile world and technology that followed the huge market it has generated.

There is lot of stuff to do and many changes that are required to make Home For Profits relevant to modern platforms. New theme, new plugins and content creation are immediate requirements.

I have already changed the theme and it is responsive theme based on Genesis platform. Many new plugins have replaced the old one for better performance, functioning and user experience.

One of my other websites was severely hit by Pandas and Penguins. The work on that site has taught me a lot about content creation and maintenance.

I am going to apply those principles to content on this website and other websites as well. [Read more...]

11 WordPress Plugins To Make YourBlog A Racehorse


Its good to be back. today when I switched my laptop on, I was taken to iGoogle, my homepage. A beautiful article by Yoast got my attention.

Joost De Valk discusses a list of 11 WordPress plugins to improve your blog performance. I happen to use few of them whereas others were a revelation.

Here is the article

Domain Purging Issue: There Was A Problem With Google Adsense Domain System

I just received an email from Google Email team in response to my query regarding domain purging.

They said that they have identified the issue. They actually did not reveal what the issue was.

I am in process of  resubmitting the purged domains.

Let us see how Google Adsense for domains behave in future.

How To Add Links In Image Captions Of WordPress – This plugin Makes It Easy

Put Links In Captions

By default, any formatting you do in captions of your WordPress blog, it is stripped and only plain text remains.

May be it would improve in future versions of WordPress .

Recently, I was looking for a way to place HTML links in the image and I found this plugin  by Katz Web Services, Inc. that adds links to image captions in the WordPress editor. [Read more...]

5 Habits That Would Make You Ultra Successful Blogger

5 habits that would make you successful blogger

What Are The Things That Make You Successful Blogger?

A blog is reflection of your personality and the kind of efforts you are putting in. There are millions of blogs and a similar number of bloggers over there but the ones those are successful are just a percentage of that.

There are certain traits and habits that would help you become successful. Not only they would help you to be effective and successful blogger but also help to achieve other goals in your life.

Here are the habits that you should practice and develop if you are not doing them already. [Read more...]