how to buy domain name

How to Buy Domain Name For Your Blog

This article is about selecting and registering a domain name for the blog. Considering that blogger is just starting out, many complexities of how to buy domain name have been kept out of the equation. This guide is for lone starters who dream to be successful bloggers. Let us do it. Never mind the … [Read More...]

how do start a blog and make money

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

Some people blog for hobby. They are not bothered by monetary potential of their blog. Other people create a blog with an aim to produce money from that blog. A very similar example would be of a personal diary and creating a book from that. Reaching out people could be another aim but a book … [Read More...]

Responsive Ads made Adsense Better

What Made Adsense Better in 2014!

As 2015 comes to life, I sit and think about what a year 2014 has been for me, my family, my offline projects and my online ventures. While it was a very good year for my offline projects, 2014 has been little hard on my online ventures. Revenue decreased when compared with 2013 across all my … [Read More...]

Brand your Blog

Why Should You Brand Your Blog?

You need to brand your blog to separate your blog from other “Just another Wordpress Blog” blogs. A brand acts as unique identity and association that someone thinks when he or she thinks about your blog. Your blog is your identity on the web. The way you make and project it has a great impact … [Read More...]

Organize Website

Organizing Website

I have started organizing website again. Apart from having a good amount of content, a website should be very well navigated. When the website is small sized, it is easier to take care of. However, website restructuring is required often with growth of website. When website becomes loaded with … [Read More...]


Action Begins

Home For Profits was first website of mine. There were many after that but it has always be close to my heart. As I write these lines today, I am aghast to accept that I have not written a single word for almost three years on this website. I am back on the site and trying to grasp the changed … [Read More...]