Wondering What is This Site About?

After writing and publishing so many blogs, I still have to ponder when writing my first blog post.

The beginning is always difficult, they say.

No matter what I think afterwards, the first post that I write is always about the blog.

It seems to be matter of habit. After 50 or hundred articles, no one is going to dig a post that begun the blog.

But a post is a post and the first post is about the blog.

This website, this domain has a history as long as my career on on the internet.

This was my first venture, my very first web site that started my journey in the world of websites. The site dealt with online business and money making.

It has been a long journey and after I shifted my focus to healthcare sites, the traffic dwindled.

The content of the site and the project has been shifted to Soloblogger.com which is a better name and better brand.

This site has lied idle for many months unless I came upon this idea.

Recently, I started to look after my earned money and looked for ways to manage it better, it took me to world of finance, money management, wealth management, equities and debts.

And I thought that I would record my leanings and experiences here on this site.

It is too vast a world and bit by bit I am trying to learn and remember all that matters in the world of money management.

As I learn and assimilate in my mind, I would share with you so that you could benefit from that.

I am not an expert and neither I claim so. I am learning to do the stuff and sharing so that I could leave a trail for myself and for others as well.

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