Where Are The People?

where are the peopleTraffic is lifeblood of any website. Without traffic, your website is meaningless, fruitless and worthless.

With build and they will come era behind us, a website needs to be promoted to make it successful.

The question that often arises in the mind of the marketer is

“Where to promote?”

The answer can be as simple as this question

“Where are the people that you are looking for?”

Just locate the people and everything else would follow.

For your business, you are interested in a crowd which might be interested in your business.

To find these people you need to think about habits of these people and the things that they do.

What Do People Do Offline?

Well! They go to offices, commute in public transport system, dine at restaurants, watch movies at cinemas, shop at malls and dance in night clubs. Few of them also go to gyms and fitness clubs or play games. You can of course add more habits to this list.

Everywhere they gather, people form a unique crowd with special interest. The crowd at cinema would have different perception than crowd in the bus though both may share the members.

What Do People Do Online?

Answer this question and you would find places to promote your website. Here is an incomplete list followed by an incomplete discussion.

Search Engines

Everyday people wake up to find new information by using search engines. If your site is poised to get a higher spot in search engine results, it puts you at advantage and you receive more traffic. Whole SEO industry is based on this idea – to get your website at top of the search engines.

Another option to take advantage of this crowd is by using paid advertisements. Adwords is a good example. It could mean a lot of traffic when you place your ad on search engine results pages.

Social Media

Social media helps people come together, share thoughts and interests, form communities nd interact.

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and a number of other vertical sites can help you in your business.

You can work on pulling the crowd by building a killer reputation or buy ad space.

Websites With High Traffic

Article Directories, forums, high profile blogs and other websites that receive huge traffic are places where you can find people. By posting, commenting or making guest posts you can leverage that traffic.

Another option is to buy ad space.


Everyday many people receive their favorite newsletters in their inbox. You can take advantage of this targeted traffic by either writing a guest article, ad swapping or buying ads.

People regularly visit their favorite places on the web. Getting them to visit your site requires effort…. a continuous effort.

The key is to see he crowd and take advantage of that.

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    Good post! This information is right on! I know a lot people realize that
    getting traffic is the MOST important part to getting traffic, they just don’t
    know how!

    In the end it all comes down to ACTION!

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