When An Idea Fails

What is your reaction when an idea fails?

I use to sulk and ponder for days on what went wrong. Obviously it meant a lot of wastage of time and energy. It used to drain me and leave exhausted.

The time has been a good teacher and i have learned that no matter what your calculations of succeeding an idea are, it could fail with certainty.

Every time I fail at something now, I look back at the things for potential miscalculation or potential mistakes I might have committed.

If there are identifiable and modifiable factors, i take a note.

If the factors are not modifiable, I take a note.

In either case, I have become wiser for the next project.

I would not say I am not disappointed when I fail now.

I do but I do not let it last more than a cup of coffee.

There are more projects to attend to.

How do you react when your idea fails? How do you manage yourself and your work

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