URL Shortening Services – A List Of Refrences

URL shortening was invented to get rid of long and cumbersome web addresses. You must have come across “tinyurls” which were often sent by affiliate marketers and others alike.

Comes Web 2.o and comes microblogging. Services like twitter which limit the message you post to size of text sms almost reinvented and resurrected URL shortening services.

There are many URL shortening services with new services being launched every now and then. The new services also offer a diverse range of features like tracking of statstics and monitoring.

I was going to search all and make post of that but I found lists of lists instead. Foe example Mashable has a list of more than 90 services listed.

Trying to do it all over again is waste of energy.

Here are the lists that list URL shortening services for you.


Mashable has listed 90+ URL shortening services. It makes you dizzy and you think why so much. But are not we already have information overload. A good job done.


Hongkiat lists 61 URL shortening services with an extra information on bookmarklets.


There are services and there are best services. Toprank blog tries to make things less complicated and lessen our confusion by listing 11 best URL shortening services.

In the same contest, people have voted Cli.gs as the most liked service with budurl.com coming second.

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