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There is an increasing trend in the internet marketing product reviews. Whenever a product is about to launch or launched there comes a truckload of websites that uses the same keywords as the name of the product+review to gain higher positions in search engines.

This is a disturbing trend because keywords+little SEO let them gain top position in SERPs and because you naturally tend to believe the search engines, you can be fooled easily.

Added to that, most of them are salesy. They concentrate on getting a sale rather than providing a review.

It is okay to work for gaining positions in search engine. But if you have a top spot, you should provide a top review not the promotional review.

With this note, I begin my review. When I searched for evidence, my search query returned floods of similar looking and similar sounding websites that had one purpose in common

Promote the product.

Well! There is difference between review and promotion.

It was hell of a task the weeds out those promotional and salesy reviews to get a better evidence.

Traffic Ultimatum is a product by George Brown on subject of getting traffic. It was launched in quite a big way and had been quite successful.

Previous product by George Brown was Google Sniper and had been very very successful.


George Brown



$197, One time payment.


60 days money back guarantee.

A Brief Summary of  Traffic Ultimatum

Traffic Ultimatum is a course on traffic generation. Traffic is lifeblood of your website business and every effort at building traffic pays handsomely.

The product contains

  • 13 Course Modules
  • Free Traffic Methods Manual
  • Paid Traffic Methods Manual
  • Search Engine Optimization Manual
  • 21 Video Tutorials  containing over 9 hours of training

The course is divided into following modules

Module 1: SEO and AMR

The first module is all about SEO (search engine optimization) and AMR (advanced market research).

Module 2: Syndication Marketing

There are many ways that you can easily get masses of free and dependable traffic without spending hours writing from sources like Carnivals, tutorials, guest blogging and eBook submission etc.

Module 3: Video Marketing

Video marketing has become extremely popular and get a lot of traffic.

Module 4: Social Network Marketing

Which Web 2.0 sites you should use and which you should avoid.

Module 5: Social Media Marketing

How to use social media, including Twitter.

Module 6: Conversation Marketing

Learn how to use forums, comments and trackbacks to great effect.

Module 7: Buzz Marketing

The idea behind this method is creating excitement, or a buzz, about your website.

Module 8: Viral Marketing

DIfferent forms of viral marketing

Module 9: Integration Marketing

Also known as piggyback marketing.

Module 10: PPC & Adwords

Paid traffic from search engines

Module 11: Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising, or media buying, can drive a huge amount of traffic.

Module 12: PPV (pay per view)

Cheap paid traffic

Module 13: The Super Advanced “Ninja” Stuff

Traffic buying from uncommon sources

Web Views

Web is full of promotional and salesy reviews of this product. It was really hard to choose the best looking reviews for this meta review. However, each of them also has good opinions about the product.

Home Business Secrets says

Overall I believe that Traffic Ultimatum is a solid course. Everyone but the most advanced internet marketers will learn something from this course. There is a certain amount of fluff and some areas are perhaps not covered in enough depth.

Traffic Ultimatum Blog says

Overall Traffic Ultimatum turned out to be a very good course and I would of course highly recommend it.

Expert Affiliate Reviews says

All in all the course is very big and everyone should be satisfied with this complete course. This maybe the biggest course on getting traffic launching this year mentions

Traffic Ultimatum quite simply tells you everything about getting traffic you’ll ever need to know.

Overall the product has received many accolades.

My Analysis

It appears to be quite a comprehensive course that covers almost all aspect of traffic generation. It is steeply priced though. $197 could pinch someone if he is still learing traffic generation.

This could be a deterrent for many. Those who think that they are going to make money with this course should note that this course is about traffic generation and not traffic monetization. You would need a business plan in place to make money.

As usual the target audience is the beginner. Advanced marketers would not be benefited as much from this course, as it seems apparent form contents of the course.

You can go ahead and buy the Traffic Ultimatum if you wish to have a comprehensive source of learning.

If you do not have the budget then do not fret. You could still learn these traffic methods from a number of free resources. It may not be that smooth read though.

Where To Buy

Go To Traffic Ultimatum Website

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