Taking Off Adsense Ads On This Blog

adsense-offThat statement in headline may not be entirely right but yes, i am taking off most of the Adsense ads on this blog. I have decided not to publish Adseense ads in my posts. There might be few left in header or sidebar on some specific pages or post but not in the main content.

Why am I doing this?

There are multiple factors which have built over the period. Most important of them is decreased click through rate. I have observed that over a period the response rate to these ads have diminished. I think this has happened due to two reasons.

First, this is a money making niche.People who are visiting these blogs are either into intrenet marketing or intend to jump into. These people are more likely to be ad blinded and therefore no clicks.

Another reason that I can think of is the quality of ads. If  you scan ads on any internet marketing site then you would see that every third or fourth ad is about a syatem that provide you better avenues to money. People do not like to be fooled.

I have few websites in health niche and they have maintained a satisfactory growth curve. But here the Adsense income was more or less shaky.

Plus there is another angle. I use WhydoworkAdsense to display Adsense ads. it is a very good plugin and completely automates your Adsense publishing without ever needing to lift a finger. in fact I use it on all my websites. The only problem that I faced it was that it interferes with format sometimes especially when there is an image or blockquote.

That can irritate readers.

Therefore it is also an effort to make blog content free from clutter and present you pure content.

What you would get from now on is pure content without any ad to irritate your eyes.


Does This Mean Revenue Loss To Me

Yes! of course.  But in the end i am happy. I am already liking my blog’s new clean look. It means building more credibilty. Money comes later.

And it would come anyway.

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