5 Steps To Better Twitter Marketing

Is Twitter in your business strategy! If not it should be.
Twitter and Facebook are leading social websites and you must plan your Twitter strategy for building your business.
Lee Oden at Top Rank Blog has come with a very nice article on 5 Steps to better Twitter marketing.

Check it here
5 Steps to Build a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter 101 – Official Guide To Twitter Is Here

twitter-logoTwitter has come out with its own Twitter using manual and has called it Twitter 101 – A Special Guide. It is a short guide that you can read online. Twitter has also released downloadable slides of the same guide and there is a print version too.

Coming directly from Twitter it is called as most definitive guide on twittering.

The format of the guide is pretty simple and so is the language. It has been created for non technical person as well. If you are a Twitter user you may find “Oh! i know that” moments but it is a good read. [Read more…]