Traffic First

Long back when I started my first website on this domain, I committed innumerable mistakes. One of them was not building enough traffic.

I put up a site and started working on building a decent traffic for it.

Everyday I would do something that was to increase the vistors. I wrote articles, I participated in forums, I wrote classifieds.

Traffic started building.

The day came when my blog visitors crossed 400 per day.

And I started checking my mails.

Nope! there was not a single sale.

I checked next day.


But I should have sales by now. Going by rate of conversion I should have had 1-2 sales per day.

But there was none.

I started getting anxious. I started checking mails many times a day.

I never realized how much time I was wasting in that senseless activity.

I did not realize I was working less towards building more traffic and spending more on checking mails, reading about conversions and other things similar.

My sales never occurred. My visitors kept dropping.

As a newbie, one is more interested in sales than any one veteran. It is a phenomenon, an expectation that we keep waiting for.

Veterans know sales would follow. Newbies look for sales anxiously.

As a result we distract our mind from business building activities.

If we find that there are 2 sales per 300 visitors, we become extremely worried if that is not happening with us.

We start looking at our web copy, website template, background color, font size etc.

Things which are secondary.

Main aim your website should be building traffic. If you have traffic sales and monetization would definitely follow. No matter how you plan to monetize, the first requirement is the traffic.

If there is no traffic, you cannot sell a single item.

If you out there are starting with something then I would advise you to forget everything about sales and conversions, and build your traffic.

When you have traffic on your site, you have power to monetize.

Conversion rates are stats and are based on a large sample base. It may not be applicable to small subgroups.

You need to increase your web visitors and conversion would definitely follow.

Many of the web traffic channels like search engines, announcements, articles, forums are very good methods of generating fresh traffic but they are not so encouraging for your visitors to return.

People rarely visit the websites by typing the address in browser bar. They might do so on few occasion but people often use links to visit websites.

For traffic, apart from old visitors, you need repeat visitors. Repeat visitors can be increased by

Invite Them To Join Your List

This way you can keep in touch with them through your mails. You can keep your site name fresh in their minds and put links back to your site to get repeated traffic.

RSS Feeds

People love RSS feels because of case of subscribing and they do not have to reveal any personal information. RSS feeds are updated regularly and can bring a good traffic for you.

Make Them Members

Nothing beats this options. If you have some kind of membership program, people would like to be part of it. Becoming a member makes them feel privileged and ensures repeat visitors for times to come.

Web Activities That Require Participation

Polls, surveys & quizzes etc are activities that people would love to participate in and would fellow the course of events, delivering repeat traffic for you.

Become Unique Source Of Information

If you become a unique source of information, more and more people would revisit you, recommend you and write about you. That means hordes of visitors.

Ask Them To Bookmark

This is one of the most direct methods of generating a repeat traffic. You can place a friendly remember on your site saying “Book Mark This Site”.

You can also ask them to make your site their homepage in the browser. Homepage would load every time your visitor would start their browser. Your website gets more exposure and more chances of being visit.