True Success – A Note From Calender

success wishes

There is no IM post today. Rather I want to share with you what I clicked from a table calender.

It is a beautiful quote and it tells a lot about achieving success.
I just take a look at it whenever I feel overworked, distressed or suffer a setback.

Very true! I know this and understand as well but it is always good to be reminded.

Best wishes and take care.

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Take Action To Succeed

take action

Between you and success lies just one step. That step is execution of your ideas. That step is to take action.

Firstly it is just a thought. A thought can come anywhere. Ideas come as spark. Just as lightening bolt strikes. From nowhere in the empty realms of mind something erupts. It is so fast at this moment that you actually might not be aware of it. But subconscious registers and the process starts.

Slowly and slowly idea takes the shape. It is still a gross shape which now would be refined by the conscious mind.

Millions of neurons work together and keep bombarding one after another to formulate and refine the gross idea into a workable plan.

At this stage if you ignore, the creation dies before it could assume a form. You need to feed your thoughts to complete the process of creation.

Next step is very important. You need to take action. If you form an idea or plan but do not follow it then it would be better if idea was never born.

take action

Millions of ideas die at this stage.


Because the conscious mind of yours is not ready to act.

From sowing of an idea to reaping the harvest the path is written. The path is called action.

Action is integral part of the success.

What brings in the idea?


Desire is the prime mover of human beings.

Desire has led to the greatest inventions. People do attribute them to necessity but what made feel the need?


From discovering the fire to making of the jets and inventing the chips that run your computer as you read this, the DESIRE has brought them to the world.

Desire to succeed.

Desire to do better.

Desire to be wealthy.

And so on.

If it was not desire we would still be hiding in the caves and hunting for our daily meat. We would not sit comfortably in our secure homes and eating at our will. All this has been produced because our ancestors desired.

Let your desire show you the path. A desire strong enough to move your subconscious. You will start seeing the opportunities you never found before. Those were always there.

Grab an opportunity. Let the idea be born.

Then take the action.

Action is the most essential endeavor!

If you wish to make lot of money, then go for it. But first ensure that it is a heartfelt, conscious moving desire and you are just not dreaming about the money.

Then take action.

This applies to every sphere of life. This applies to online business. It is the shortest path to success.