13 Best Quotes On Perseverance

perseverancePerseverence is defined in dictionary as steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Perseverence is the key to success. If you persevere enough I guarantee you would succeed.

Perseverance is not just a repetition of task over the course of time. It is an action oriented word. Learning , redoing, adjusting till you achieve are all part of perseverance.

Today I bring you best quotes on perseverance that I have with me. [Read more…]

What Stands Between You and Success?

Your Will.

If you think that something is blocking your road to success, you need to remove it.

If you do not you do not succeed.

Everyday a large number of people come to internet with an intention to start and grow a successful business. Most of them do not see it through.

They quit before they could make a single dime. [Read more…]

Stay And You Win

In contrast to the popular notion among the new starters Online Business is game of hard work, patience and perseverance.

If you come to web thinking that you would be rich in another month then you in all probabilities are subscribing to a scam.

No body gets rich overnight. In fact many people would not see their first $100 in months to come. You would see all the money eventually but you need to stay put. [Read more…]

Beyond URL Counts and Counters-Practical Tips To Check Success of Your Website

Traditional website stats and analytics are good way to check website performance. They give good idea about number of visitors, their geographical locations, browser they are using and URLs they are visiting on your website.

You can also monitor performance of your compaigns, number of conversions occurring, keywords used to search your website and your website ranking for those keywords.

But counts are still counts and do not till whether your websites is successful or making inroads towards success!

Following tips would come handy in this regard. [Read more…]

Run Or Else You Would Be Washed Away

About 15 years back when I had just entered the medical school for my graduation, I met this guy named Kabir who was three years senior to me.

It was a process of formal introduction. The way it was done amounted to ragging but it was kind of fun after you get used to and get over the initial tide of fear.

Just to scare the bunch of new entrants, he said, “You have chosen a field that you would regret whole life. It is a field where you need to run to stay at the place where you stand.”

In India, those were the days when people use to choose either Medicine or Engineering. Other careers were either not born yet or did not hold a good social standing.

Why then he would say this? [Read more…]

How Long Would It Take…

Its a funny question. Nobody is sure of the answer but everybody asks it. At least when people have just entered in the business.

Back in 2004, when I stated my website, I was curious to know how long would it take to make money.

How long would it take that I would be making a lot of money.

Look at the vagueness of the question.

There is no target defined. No fixed amount of money. All my newbie and enthusiastic mind wants to know is how long it would take.

If you visit any internet marketing forum, almost every newbie wants to know the ever elusive answer. [Read more…]

Are You In The Right Niche

Internet business is so easy to start that people can do that within few days. With more and more automation scripts being released and made available, it has become a business within a click.

But like any other business, business on the internet is still a business and follows the same principle. By definition, a business is a profitable venture. If you are in business, you have to make profits.

If you are not making profits after a good amount of hard work and trial, you need to go back and look for the cause. [Read more…]

The Key Factors That Determine Online Business Success

Online business success has no shortcut. In spite of what is told and promoted by hype generators and opportunistic sellers, online business demands hard work.

Simply put, that is THE KEY to success.

Success is almost like a science. If you follow the laws of success, your chance of breaking through is much greater.

The moment you start your business, what you do and how you feel about it would determine the outcome. [Read more…]