Taking Along Like Minded and People With Similar Interests

One of the things that I have realized after years of observation is that for success you must create a following. For some it could be the obvious thing. And for others like me it could be a revelation. It is important to create a group of people who think like you or have similar interests as you or have similar need for what you are offering.

When you have a pool of people who are served by your thoughts or service and respond to what you say, you are on path to succeed.

One of the big questions that a newbie mind asks is what should he do?

A newbie mind is like mind of newborn. A child sees ample things around but does not know what to do with them.

A newbie sees a lot many opportunities, many streams where business is done and plethora of business models. The only response he utters is that of frustation.

What should he do?

It is always good to ask yourself – what can I do?

If there are more than one thing that you want to follow I would say give it a try. You may not succeed at what you attempted but then you would start knowing your inclinations, bents and interests and their profitability.

Start following the one which give you initial success.

After you spend some time on it, your choices would get narrowed.

It is easier to work with fewer options.

All the answers would come to you only if you start working on it. Your innate strengths and weaknesses would determine what you would do best.

From that point start mixing with people who happen to be in same niche. Out of those there would be some with whom you would strike a resonating cord.

These are the people who would constitute your following/group.

It would take take time but if done rightly, it is a sure shot path to success.

True Success – A Note From Calender

There is no IM post today. Rather I want to share with you what I clicked from a table calender.

It is a beautiful quote and it tells a lot about achieving success.
I just take a look at it whenever I feel overworked, distressed or suffer a setback.

Very true! I know this and understand as well but it is always good to be reminded.

Best wishes and take care.

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13 Best Quotes On Perseverance

perseverancePerseverence is defined in dictionary as steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Perseverence is the key to success. If you persevere enough I guarantee you would succeed.

Perseverance is not just a repetition of task over the course of time. It is an action oriented word. Learning , redoing, adjusting till you achieve are all part of perseverance.

Today I bring you best quotes on perseverance that I have with me. [Read more...]

Are You Destined For Success-Prerequisites To Success

I hardly believe in quizzes. So when this ebook came out I was skeptical.

I downloaded and went through it. It seems to be a good ebook.

Basically this ebook by Derek Gehl tries to make a distinction between entrepreneur and opportunity seeker.

It also tells series of things you need to work upon for building your business on internet.

Here is a quick look at the chapters

  • Are YOU A Serial “Get Rich Quick” Opportunity Seeker?
  • Starting Any Business Takes… … Work!
  • When Role Models Are Useless
  • Laying The Foundation For Success
  • When Trends Become Traps
  • The problem?
  • Millionaires Don’t Work 10 Hours A Week
  • Do YOU Fit The Profile?

In the end of this ebook is a sweet little quiz that helps you to decide whether you have the right mindset.

You are also offered a bonus of $391 in the end.

You can grab the ebook here

What Stands Between You and Success?

Your Will.

If you think that something is blocking your road to success, you need to remove it.

If you do not you do not succeed.

Everyday a large number of people come to internet with an intention to start and grow a successful business. Most of them do not see it through.

They quit before they could make a single dime. [Read more...]

Stay And You Win

In contrast to the popular notion among the new starters Online Business is game of hard work, patience and perseverance.

If you come to web thinking that you would be rich in another month then you in all probabilities are subscribing to a scam.

No body gets rich overnight. In fact many people would not see their first $100 in months to come. You would see all the money eventually but you need to stay put. [Read more...]

Beyond URL Counts and Counters-Practical Tips To Check Success of Your Website

Traditional website stats and analytics are good way to check website performance. They give good idea about number of visitors, their geographical locations, browser they are using and URLs they are visiting on your website.

You can also monitor performance of your compaigns, number of conversions occurring, keywords used to search your website and your website ranking for those keywords.

But counts are still counts and do not till whether your websites is successful or making inroads towards success!

Following tips would come handy in this regard. [Read more...]

Run Or Else You Would Be Washed Away

About 15 years back when I had just entered the medical school for my graduation, I met this guy named Kabir who was three years senior to me.

It was a process of formal introduction. The way it was done amounted to ragging but it was kind of fun after you get used to and get over the initial tide of fear.

Just to scare the bunch of new entrants, he said, “You have chosen a field that you would regret whole life. It is a field where you need to run to stay at the place where you stand.”

In India, those were the days when people use to choose either Medicine or Engineering. Other careers were either not born yet or did not hold a good social standing.

Why then he would say this? [Read more...]

You Must Pay A Price For Success

There is a beautiful line by Javed Akhtar, noted Bollywood lyricist that I remember so often

Duniya Mein Har Shai Ki Keemat Hoti Hai .

Simply translated it means, “Everything in world comes at a price”.

What Javed said in his line is a universal truth. Everything is available in this world. You can choose to be any body and buy anything, but there is a price tag.

The price must be considered before you plan to do something. The price is not money, always.

Success has its own price tag in every field. [Read more...]