Why Do You Wish To Start Your Own Business

That could be most defining reason of your success.

in a survey the researchers have found that amongst many reasons that people arepushed to start their own business, most important and biggest reason is

Because they don’t want to work for someone else.

Desire not to have a boss is the primary motivator of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are a lot  happier with their jobs than people who work for others. [Read more…]

How To Find Time For Your Business?

One of the main obstacles associated with starting a new business is lack of time. One is so engrossed in the primary job and daily life that, squeezing few hours daily is a daunting task.


Many have came over the obstacle before us and they stand as great example.

At the moment you might pose as the busiest person with no time for anything new but believe me, people out there have been  a lot busier than you and succeeded in doing what made them independent.

Tom Kavala portrays his own very inspiring  example here and lists very important tips on managing the time.