Writing For Bots! Its Time That You End Your Affair & Start A Relation With Humans

robotsThis article is for humans, not bots.

Yes! When we write an article, we write that for human audience not for search engine bots.

But armed with ever growing technical knowhow and surrounded by specifications like keyword density, tags, keywords etcetra, we tend to forget te human reader and start writing for bots instead.

Does keyword stuffing ring any bell! [Read more…]

SEO With Your Articles

I firmly believe that articles must be written first for the human readers. It is the reader who is end user of the information and not the search engine. Search engine is just like a place holder for your content which it ranks the way its algorithm dictates it to do.

But because we want our article to get exposure bring visitors to your website, it is worthwhile to include search engine angle too. If we could maintain user and search engine balance we have maximized the usability of the articles.

To get maximum SEO benefit the article should include following tasks and activities during and after creation. [Read more…]

Yahoo Slurp 3.0-Revised Crawler Being Rolled Out

Yahoo! has rolled out its revised crawler called Yahoo! Slurp 3.0 that would be visiting your websites. Yahoo had been been preparing for the latest version of the Yahoo! Search crawler for quite some time.

Some infrastructure updates had caused variance in crawl behviour. [Read more…]