12 Best Advices To Save Money and Build Wealth

Let us face it. Times can be tough. In this era of financial crisis, it is better to develop good habits to make savings and use the money judiciously.

Here are the twelve best advices on issue of money savings. I hope you would find them useful.

  1. Spend less money in week than you earn each week
  2. Pay your credit card bills full each month.
  3. Stop purchasing items that you can do without.
  4. As for as possible, buy discounted stuff
  5. Try generic or non-name brand merchandise as much as possible.
  6. Buy a used car instead of new
  7. Don’t eat out as much as you’d like to.
  8. Find a hobby that you can turn into earnings.
  9. Quit Smoking
  10. Drink sparingly
  11. Buy a health insurance before you need it.
  12. Reduce your telephone bill.

Please do share your money saving tips.

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