How To Make Your Product More Profitable

Sometimes after everything you do, your profit revenues do not seem to grow. At that point you must ponder and analyze how to increase profitability of your product. Profitability can be increased by externally or internally. External increase: This would mean that you generate higher revenue … [Read more...]

Six Questions You Must Ask About Your Sales Letter

Writing a sales letter is a skill that needs to be mastered by every internet marketer. A sales letter can make or break your business. If your sales letter is good, it can make you all the money you can imagine. Similarly a poor sales letter may spell business failure for you. Like every … [Read more...]

Beyond URL Counts and Counters-Practical Tips To Check Success of Your Website

Traditional website stats and analytics are good way to check website performance. They give good idea about number of visitors, their geographical locations, browser they are using and URLs they are visiting on your website. You can also monitor performance of your compaigns, number of … [Read more...]

How To Make Headlines That Draw Your Visitors To Your Copy

Headlines account for as much as 90% of the effectiveness of your site.Headlines are attention grabbers and make first impression on your visitors. They also trigger the psychological reactions that your visitors need to go through before they convert. Your headline should be strong and hard … [Read more...]

Conversion Rate-Is Your Website Effective In Converting Visitors

For your business to succeed you must make more of customers out of your visitors. If your website turns the visitors into customers, you have a good business foundation. However, if people visit your website and leave without the expected response, you need to make modifications in your business … [Read more...]