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salesIt was Dussehra time in my childhood days and I think I was in 7th standard. few of my friends decided to earn some quick money during Dusshehra festival by selling some stuff. It is quite a small village and children working fo rthemselves is not considered a good thing .

Niether by society or by parents.

Looking back I think that children should be encouraged in participating the activities that involve money transaction so that they can understand the game from their early days. the face of society might have begun to change now but at large we still tend the children separating them from these matters and concentrating solely on school matters. [Read more…]

How To Make Your Product More Profitable

Sometimes after everything you do, your profit revenues do not seem to grow. At that point you must ponder and analyze how to increase profitability of your product.

Profitability can be increased by externally or internally.

External increase: This would mean that you generate higher revenue by increasing the number of sales or raisning the price.

Internal increase: Reduce your expenses in creating and delivering the product.

External Increase

First of all, you need to ask the big question-

Is it possible to increase profit by external methods.?

If the answer is yes, next step is to ask if you intend to do it by increasing the number of sales or price raise or both. [Read more…]

Should You Write An Ebook For Free?

I am yet to write my first ebook. I had been postponing it for quite sometime now for some reasons or other. It is not i schedule even for next one month.

All that I am doing is shuttling between hospital and my home office. I actually enjoy both places. Had it been any other job I would have quit it long time back but being a doctor does give different kind of satisfaction.

But I am aware that I have not produced an ebook and would include this in my next monthly scheduling.

When I entered into internet business in 2003 ( Well! It was more of learning by trial for next two years rather than business) I saw ebooks being published everywhere on the net and being sold on premium prices.

Everyday there would be an email announcing arrival of new secret laden book. [Read more…]

6 Things You Must Do To Excel In Your Business

What is the secret to grow a successful business. Nothing but few things that you must do. Every business is unique. Yours Too.

But then each business needs to follow some basic principles. These are the principles on which everything else revolves.

To succeed you must do the things based on those principles. Here they are [Read more…]

Why No One Is Buying?

First hurdle faced by a new marketer in beginning of his business is the traffic generation. Many a businesses die because of lack of traffic.

Second obstacle to survival is lack of sales despite the traffic. This happens very commonly and in my view is part of the learning curve.

If you are getting traffic but making no sales or sporadic sales, you need to look into your site and ask,

“why no one is buying?” [Read more…]

Six Questions You Must Ask About Your Sales Letter

Writing a sales letter is a skill that needs to be mastered by every internet marketer. A sales letter can make or break your business. If your sales letter is good, it can make you all the money you can imagine.

Similarly a poor sales letter may spell business failure for you.

Like every other art sales letter perfection comes from repeated practice and use.

You need to write again and again.

There are many linguistic and technical issues to sales letter writing. After you have written a sales letter, you need to test and approve for your usage.

Before you publish, there are six questions that you must ask when a sales letter is ready. [Read more…]

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Beyond URL Counts and Counters-Practical Tips To Check Success of Your Website

Traditional website stats and analytics are good way to check website performance. They give good idea about number of visitors, their geographical locations, browser they are using and URLs they are visiting on your website.

You can also monitor performance of your compaigns, number of conversions occurring, keywords used to search your website and your website ranking for those keywords.

But counts are still counts and do not till whether your websites is successful or making inroads towards success!

Following tips would come handy in this regard. [Read more…]

Traffic First

Long back when I started my first website on this domain, I committed innumerable mistakes. One of them was not building enough traffic.

I put up a site and started working on building a decent traffic for it.

Everyday I would do something that was to increase the traffic. I wrote articles, I participated in forums, I wrote classifieds.

Traffic started building.

The day came when my blog visitors crossed 400 per day. [Read more…]

How To Make Headlines That Draw Your Visitors To Your Copy

Headlines account for as much as 90% of the effectiveness of your site.Headlines are attention grabbers and make first impression on your visitors. They also trigger the psychological reactions that your visitors need to go through before they convert.

Your headline should be strong and hard hitting. They motivate the readers and take out suspicion and paranoia or to be precise they start working on it. [Read more…]