What Is Autoblogging?

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Autoblogging is a term used to describe automated blogs and automated blogging. Usual blog writing involves searching for content topic and ideas, assimilation of information, reading and understanding that information and then bring out an article of your own.

But if you have inclination you can create a blog which publishes itself perpetually once you put in place the correct method and the correct tools.

I for that matter am not fan of autoblogging. I like writing and I do that on daily basis. For me my blog is a kind of  journey in my writing sphere in different fields whether it is medicine, business or self improvement. I like to write and share things and then discuss those with active readers.

I make money and while that is a significant goal every year, it is not the base on which blog is run.

But there are different kind of people with different approaches and mindsets.

They do not want to produce high quality sites and they do not want to build a reader base. Some of them do not want to go through hassle of writing. They just want to monetize the site. Its a different approach and the idea itself appears quite tempting.

If you can create 100 blogs that do not require any input or negligible input from you and you start making $1/day with each of them. That means $1000 per day. With 100 blogs this can be $30000 per month.

How To Autoblog?

Most of the content in autoblogging is republished by use of RSS feeds.

For using these feeds you need to develop central idea where you would be using feeds.  For example if you want to concentrate on Men’s clothes niche, you would like t get RSS feeds from all over the web to your website.

Articles and data feeds from affiliate networks are other sources.

You will need  an RSS feed aggregator or similar software.

And you would need a social bookmarking script that automatically submits your new blog posts to like social bookmarking sites.