Should You Write An Ebook For Free?

I am yet to write my first ebook. I had been postponing it for quite sometime now for some reasons or other. It is not i schedule even for next one month.

All that I am doing is shuttling between hospital and my home office. I actually enjoy both places. Had it been any other job I would have quit it long time back but being a doctor does give different kind of satisfaction.

But I am aware that I have not produced an ebook and would include this in my next monthly scheduling.

When I entered into internet business in 2003 ( Well! It was more of learning by trial for next two years rather than business) I saw ebooks being published everywhere on the net and being sold on premium prices.

Everyday there would be an email announcing arrival of new secret laden book. [Read more...]

White Paper As Marketing Tool

A white paper is a report or guide that often addresses problems and how to solve them. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions. They are used in politics and in businesses.

In politics and administration, white papers denote different meanings in different places. They can be government policy, command policy or anything representing government law.

In 1990s white paper become popular in business too. [Read more...]