What is Purpose of Your Business


I came to world of internet marketing by stroke of chance.

I intended to look for ways to make some money in 2004.

After spending a lot of time with paid to click, paid to surf and paid to read programs followed by surveys and feeling duped, I came across a web page that appeared good and again promised money.

It required subscription to various affiliate programs and most of them were paid.

Then I needed to promote my own link to get paid customers under me as I did under somebody.

Kind of MLM but that was it.

I got few customers and it felt good to get those commissions.

However, the very thing that you stay as paid customer and build a downline was not comfortable with me.

There was no value in that probably.

Eventually I left.

The business model still runs and is quite famous. may be they have changed the pattern.

I left because I saw no meaning in that model. No purpose other than collecting customers who in turn are supposed to collect more customers.

People still do it and justify it but it is not for me.

We do what we like and cannot sustain what we do not like.

In my view if you are in online business, you need to give your business an identity, a meaning.

A purpose.

You can make quick money for a short time by following anything. But to create a  sustained business you need to create a meaning in your business.

If your business is serving people well and answer their needs, profits will easily follow.

What Is Your Identity – What is Purpose of Your Business?

How can your customers identify you. What does come into their head when they visit your website.

How does your business help people?

If you want to attract people and leave a long lasting good imprint on their minds, then your efforts should concentrate on their needs.

It is a kind of strange thing.

If you eye on people’s pocket people retract and if you serve their needs they open their pockets.

The idea is not give false appearance but actually be helpful. You cannot twist the philosophy to dupe people. Sooner it would be sensed.

How To Add Purpose To Your Business

Creating profits  is the root goal of every business.

But until your business by some higher value than money, you would find it difficult to sustain it in the long run.

It can be a awesome product line, offering value for money, excellent customer care or loyalty rewards. Your business should send a clear message across to your customers.

Develop your business around people.

And money would follow.

What you say? What is purpose of your business

Why Creating Authority site is More Important than Making Few Quick Bucks

create authority site

create authority siteWhy Should You Build Your Online Authority?

The simple answer should be because it is the way the game is played.

Making a fast buck is a dream of any internet entrepreneur but often in the very beginning of your business, it is difficult.

You work hard to generate traffic but that traffic does not translate into money.

People do not buy from you or heck! they do not even listen to you.

Because you do not have an authority yet.

You do not have a reputation that would make people swing their head and follow.

Building an authority is very important. Here are the reasons why you should concentrate on creating a authority site

You Should come Across as Trustworthy

Latest research show that people prefer to invest in brands rather than lesser known products.  To one’s dismay even the search engines are inclining towards bigger brands. Your site is placed better in display if it is considered as authority site.

This is a bad news for small business and to make your business a survivor, you need to become an authority. If you are a blogger, you should concentrate on building an authority rather than making efforts for few quick bucks.

Because in the long run, confidence of people in you would matter.

People are turning to the brands because they recognize them and establish a connection of trust. If you are looking for a digital camera, you search for names like Sony, Nikon, Kodak, Canon etc. You would not try a new brand on your own until somebody recommends you or you are familiar with name.

Same goes for online business. People need to know you and trust you before they buy from you. You cannot just put a website and hope to make sales by deriving traffic. May be you have sporadic sales but that hardly matters.

Conversion is becoming harder and harder for small online business. People surf but they refuse to buy from you. Your product may be excellent but they would move to someone they know and trust and buy from him even if his product vis a vis yours is inferior.

It might look insane but that is human nature. You need to understand and capitalize it.

We all love familiarity. We create comfort spaces in our minds. We like to maintain that comfort zone. This is a reason we relish few things and repeatedly do so. We are always creating favorites. We visit the same grocery store and same vegetable vendor because we feel comfortable there. They might not give better deals to us but because we trust them we feel secure with our purchases.

Brand Your Business

To succeed on internet, your visitors should also feel secure enough to become your customers.

You need to build this trust. You need to make them familiar with you, you need to establish a relation with them that invokes trust and you need to create an aura called brand. There are ways to do it and we would briefly discuss them.

Branding your business starts with branding your blog. It is a way to establish a familiar face. More familiar are people with you, higher are the chances that they would buy from you. Branding involves leaving an impression on the mind that connects with your business every time someone thinks of the product.

Be Professional

It starts with a blog or site with its own domain name. You need to look best. A professional looking logo, professionally done sales page and nice theme o a long way to establish your image. You definitely would not enter a store that does not look good.


Reputation matters a lot in online business. In fact reputation is one of the factors that create trust in people’s mind. Your name, your business name and opinions on you around the net can be searched very easily. What other are saying about you becomes very important in this era of click and find technology.

Become Big

Because people are trusting big brands, idea is to scale your business and become bigger in your niche. You can do this by building communities, creating a vast range of products and covering aspects of your niche demands. Customer care, online chats etc. leave an impression that your business is big and has enough manpower to look after customers.

Make People Feel Secure

Publish a privacy policy on your business website. Let people know how you would and you would not handle the information they provide to you. Is your server secure enough to handle safe transactions. If yes, let the people know.

Talk with them. Blogging seems the easiest option to me. Let people know that there is a human face behind your website


Testimonials are great way to enhance your business. Make sure you use them judiciously.

Building trust takes time and effort. Make sure you build maximum trust.

Authority is the cause of difference in degree of success when you compare yourself with someone who has authority.

Authority Is Earned

Authority means someone thinks you with respect and reverence. If you want to become an authority, you need to work hard and earn that. You need to stay ahead of the most people in terms of knowledge and wisdom.

That comes by knowing your subject well and constant learning.

Authority is a gained over time. That means you slog for weeks together, work hard to gain new knowledge, stay alert to grab the latest scoop and provide value to the world without asking anything in return.

People hate to see other people selling especially if you are new to them but visit in hordes to revere a person who appears to provide them valuable information.

After you have made your foothold strong, you can cash your authority because people know you and have confidence in you. At that moment you can sell products, provide consultation and do many other things riding wave of your authority.

It is the best way to name and fame. You provide free value to people, people revere you in exchange and help you to carve a name.

After you make a name you make tons of money.

This is a simple and doable process but takes time.

There is nothing wrong in building fast cash but I would rather build a business.

Often fast cash making mentality puts you on a vicious job circle that you would find difficult to get from.