Google Adsense Category Filtering Option Now Available In 13 Languages

Category filtering in Adsense is a feature that gives publishers the ability to block ads that fall into specific categories

Regardless of how ads are targeted, they’ll be filtered if they’re within one of the selected categories.

There is a good news if  you’re an international publisher who’s been waiting for category filtering.

Google Adsense is expanding the  feature’s availability worldwide. It’s currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Arabic. In addition, we’re beginning to roll this out in beta for Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.

The feature is still in beta though. [Read more…]

…And Money Would Follow

I came to world of internet marketing by stroke of chance.

I intended to look for ways to make some quick money in 2004.

After spending a lot of time with paid to click, paid to surf and paid to read programs followed by surveys and feeling duped, I came across a web page that appeared good and again promised money.

It required subscription to various affiliate programs and most of [Read more…]

4 Strategic Ways To Make Money From Your Optin List

In 2010 marketers have responded in a survey saying that they are going to increase the email marketing budget.

Building your own optin list is the first step in email marketing. In this article we are going to discuss how to make money from the list you have built.

As you must be knowing, by confirming herself to your opt-in list, subscriber consents to receive a mails fro your company/website. [Read more…]

Adsense Announces Electronic Fund Transfer In North America

money-transferI intended to writ ethis about two dys baack when this news was still new. But it got down the priority due to some urgent jobs.
Any way it is a good news and Iwould like to share it with you.

Adsense has started electronic fund transfer in North America. That is surely the fastest way of getting paid from Adsense.

In India i still receive it by ordinary mail/courier [Read more…]

Always Look For More Money Making Methods

Ultimate goal of every internet entrepreneur should be building his/her own business and scale it to a level where his presence is no longer required. This requires effort and time. As we hail from different backgrounds and have different bents of minds, our capabilities to understand and develop business knack.

Everyone would get different results under the same condition and same amount of hard work. Because we are differently programmed to react and act.

While it could be a long journey to build your own business empire, you cannot remain starved throughout your journey.
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Making Fast Money Online Versus Building An Authority And Business

You might have faced this dilemma of life in your internet business. You wanted to make money but the censor( Read Google) says you cannot do this.

Making a fast buck is a dream of any internet entrepreneur but often in the very beginning of your business, it is difficult.

You work hard to generate traffic but that traffic does not translate into money.

People do not buy from you or heck! they do not even listen to you.

Because you do not have an aothority yet.

You do not have a reputation that would make people swing their head and follow.

Building an authority is very important. [Read more…]

Passion For The Dollar-Secret To Make Millions

How would it sound if I say you can make millions if you can make one dollar.

Would you laugh that statement away?


If you are able to make one dollar, you are far ahead of the race who do not know or do not try.

It is not a simple journey from one dollar to million dollars. But more passionately you do it, lesser time it would take.

Even if it takes few years, would you not try it. If I were you, I would.

Do not undervalue one dollar.

A million dollar amount is made by a single dollar accumulating million times.

Instead keep your eye on your target- Million Dollar.

After you made your first dollar, you have a method in hand which generates money. Only you need to work to find the method and apply it all over.

Again and again.

Each time you do it you need to test what worked and what did not.

Imagine when you earn a dollar hundred times you already have made $100.

How many people are able to do that?

It does not matter if it took two months.

You must jubilate for you have created money.

Never loose that enthusiasm, that passion to creat money.

You are on road to create your millions.

Look! there are many methods that can make you money online. It could be affiliate marketing, it could be content publishing, it could be a service and so on.

For you the most important method is the one that worked for you. All you need to do is to repeat and refine your method and apply it at bigger level.

To make it big you need to do few things.


Documentation would make a living record and proof of your doings that would translate into your success story. Documenting helps to review later and find what works and what does not.

Document everything you do. Every little process that you do or implement should be recorded. You may notr it down on your computer or you may write it on your diary.

Build Assets

Assets are the elements which you would use to escalate your business. Creating assets provide scalability. Your own products like ebooks are your assets, your list is your asset, websites you acquire/buy/create become your assets, articles you write and publish become your assets and so on… . I hope you get the idea.

As you accumulate assets, they provide more power in your hands. They provide power to make better offers, make better JV deals and create better branding.

Build Your Business

Everything you do must act toward growth of your business. You must create a central hub around which your business processes revolve.

Never Loose Passion

Just remember the jubilation and joy that your first dollar gave you. you must keep that passion alive. Pursue every dollar like your first one. Never slacken and you would make millions before your target time.

9 Places Where You Can Sell Text Link Advertising

Selling adspace on your website is a great way to monetize your blog or website. Here is a quick list of 10 websites that you can use to sell advertising on your website.

Text Link Ads- Text Link Ads is considered to be the leader in text link advertising. They offer a 50-50 split on revenue. if your ads sell for 100 dollars, you would get 100 dollars only.

LinkWorth – Another source that has not only test link ads but a plethora of other modes of ads that you earn money from. Their split is better than text link ads. They give the publisher 70% of the ad revenue.

Text Link Brokers – Make money buy selling links in a directory on your site.

Live Customer -Small static HTML ads with flat monthly rates.

LinkAdage – Matches advertisers with publishers. They allow your site to be put into auctions where people can bid on them.

Direct-Link-Ads – Direct link Ads provide you 75% of the ad revenue. But there is levy of 20% when you withdraw your balance. So in effect it comes to 60%.

AdSter – They provide their own adster panel which you can customize to match your website.

BuySellAds- Another text link company. They allow optional rel=nofollow attribute is at the publishers discretion .

VibrantMedia – Get incremental revenue from relevant user initiated advertising.

How Long Would It Take…

Its a funny question. Nobody is sure of the answer but everybody asks it. At least when people have just entered in the business.

Back in 2004, when I stated my website, I was curious to know how long would it take to make money.

How long would it take that I would be making a lot of money.

Look at the vagueness of the question.

There is no target defined. No fixed amount of money. All my newbie and enthusiastic mind wants to know is how long it would take.

If you visit any internet marketing forum, almost every newbie wants to know the ever elusive answer. [Read more…]

Make Adsense More Relevant With Section Targeting

Google Adsense is known for its relevant ad targeting. That is why it became an instant hit. Relevant ads are actually very useful to your readers. Relevant ads are like additional resources that your webpages are pointing to.

Google maintains relevancy of the Adsense by frequent crawling by its Google media partners bot. This bot crawls the pages with Adsense ads and delivers ads targeted to the pages content.
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