How To Make Your Product More Profitable

Sometimes after everything you do, your profit revenues do not seem to grow. At that point you must ponder and analyze how to increase profitability of your product.

Profitability can be increased by externally or internally.

External increase: This would mean that you generate higher revenue by increasing the number of sales or raisning the price.

Internal increase: Reduce your expenses in creating and delivering the product.

External Increase

First of all, you need to ask the big question-

Is it possible to increase profit by external methods.?

If the answer is yes, next step is to ask if you intend to do it by increasing the number of sales or price raise or both. [Read more…]

How To Remove MFA Sites and Increase Adsense Earnings

Made for Adsense sites are those sites which use Google Adwords to drive traffic to their sites and the only content they show their readers is Adsense.

Made for Adsense sites are a kind of parasites on your site content. They use low price bids to display their ads on a content site like yours, use low value click to attract visitors to their site and then present him with keyword rich Adsense ads that would make them money. [Read more…]