Become A Student Of Business

Become Student of BusinessYou must become student of business if you wish to make money. Before one makes money from his business, he needs to learn about business.

Learning starts the day you have a desire and you act upon the desire to build your business.  Before you become an expert, you need to be a student.

Any skill you learn pass through following stages

  • Awareness/Interest
  • Information
  • Practice & Application
  • Mastery

These might be vaguely overlapping but would help you to grow your concepts.


Awareness can be compared to desire to do the thing. When that thing happens you start following the intended thing more closely. You become aware of existence of the thing. For example you are aware of internet and website stuff but when you think about having your own website, you start noticing what a website is in actuality. You become aware of the things that make website like hosting and domain name. You start noticing more people around who possess a website. To say it you become interested in a skill.


Gathering the information is next step. You start looking for places where you can find the information and how you are going to learn about that information. It might be internet, it might be someone you know or your local library or coaching classes. You look for more and more information until in theory you have a strong foundation.

Practice & Application

After you have the information, next thing is doing practice. Practice puts your theory to test. When you cannot execute at one point you go back and learn the concept again. For example when you have an idea about HTML, you can start building a page. But initially it would be fraught with hiccups because your execution cannot be smooth yet.

Slowly you become better and ready for application of the skill in the end.


Repeated applications and experience would lead to mastering the skill. Fro example you might apply your knowledge of website creation for creating the business websites over a period of time and your experience might lead to improvement of the designing process itself by adding better graphics and templates.

What we discussed was acquisition of the skill. Apart from acquisition of the requisite skills [which might vary depending upon the area involved], you also need to gain knowledge.

That demands more reading on continuous basis and staying current on the matter.

When you have knowledge, it is easier to work upon the things.

Knowledge is an ever learning process. One must become student of business if one desires to succeed in online business.

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