What Are Top Recommended Web Hosts For Your Online Business

We discussed  web hosting in detail in our last article in our basic learning series.

When I joined internet way back in 2004, I joined it under a host that charged $25 per month and offered few features.

But that was quite some time back and situation has become better due to competitive prices and features being offered by hosting companies.

The web hosting is now available in less than $5 per month and offers plentiful of features.

Which host to select is quite a mind boggling question when you are doing it first time.

So I decided to answer this question in this article today.

First answer to a simple question.

Which is the best host?

There is not a single host which qualifies as the best. Different hosting companies differ on the services offered and  instead of best it is wise to choose something like top 10 or similar.

Here is the list of hosts that comes to you as top 6 web hosts. Each of them might differ slightly in terms of feature and price and you would need to find yourself what suits you best.

But as I did my search on web hosts, following hosts clearly emerged as winners.

This listing is based on my research and is determined by how many times a particular host has been listed in top 10 of different series.

There are thousands of hosting companies out there and if you want to search and find , you can. My idea of providing you with a top  hosts was to lessen your confusion and save you plenty of days altogether.

If you have time, you must conduct your own search. Here is the list. It is not in any particular order. I have always considered teh top 10 almost at par as far as features and prices are concerned. I myself have my website with Host Gator and would recommend it to any body.

So do not get confused over I want the best. They are top rankers. They all are good.

You can choose what suits you.

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