Are You Destined For Success-Prerequisites To Success

I hardly believe in quizzes. So when this ebook came out I was skeptical.

I downloaded and went through it. It seems to be a good ebook.

Basically this ebook by Derek Gehl tries to make a distinction between entrepreneur and opportunity seeker.

It also tells series of things you need to work upon for building your business on internet.

Here is a quick look at the chapters

  • Are YOU A Serial “Get Rich Quick” Opportunity Seeker?
  • Starting Any Business Takes… … Work!
  • When Role Models Are Useless
  • Laying The Foundation For Success
  • When Trends Become Traps
  • The problem?
  • Millionaires Don’t Work 10 Hours A Week
  • Do YOU Fit The Profile?

In the end of this ebook is a sweet little quiz that helps you to decide whether you have the right mindset.

You are also offered a bonus of $391 in the end.

You can grab the ebook here

Should You Write An Ebook For Free?

I am yet to write my first ebook. I had been postponing it for quite sometime now for some reasons or other. It is not i schedule even for next one month.

All that I am doing is shuttling between hospital and my home office. I actually enjoy both places. Had it been any other job I would have quit it long time back but being a doctor does give different kind of satisfaction.

But I am aware that I have not produced an ebook and would include this in my next monthly scheduling.

When I entered into internet business in 2003 ( Well! It was more of learning by trial for next two years rather than business) I saw ebooks being published everywhere on the net and being sold on premium prices.

Everyday there would be an email announcing arrival of new secret laden book. [Read more…]