Create A Daily Checklist For Better Accomplishment

As an internet marketer your work alone, especially in early part of your business. When you work alone, you need to do everything yourself. Your work profile varies from reading and answering emails to creating and publishing your new articles reports, launching new products.

The there new things to learn. Naturally most of new entrepreneurs work on adhoc basis. I used to this way I would do things which were absolutely necessary for the day and kept postponing others.

There were things I could not do for weeks because I was never free from urgent and pressing things. [Read more...]

Rene Descartes and Your Business Goals

Have you heard about Rene Descartes. He was highly influential French writer and scientist. His Cartesian theory allows us to divide bigger problems into smaller subunits and then work on smaller subunits to find a solution to over all problem.

Cartesian theory has been applied in almost every field.

Same theory can be applied to business as well.

Your business must have long term goal to achieve. [Read more...]