Writing For Humans and Not Search Engines


robotsThis article is for humans, not for search engines.

Yes! When we write an article, we are writing for humans ; not for search engine bots.

But armed with ever growing technical knowhow and surrounded by specifications like keyword density, tags, keywords etcetra, we tend to forget the human reader and start writing for bots instead.

We become an article churning machine with poorly formed sentences, poorly phrased expressions, poorly structured paragraphs and stuffed with keywords.

Bots may like it but humans will not.

I must say this as I update the article that search engines also have become very apt at seeing an article which is not usable to human readers now. So things like keyword stuffing, may in fact, invite punishment and penalties from Google and its fraternity.

We tend to forget that bots also serve humans. So if bots rank wrong pages full of clutter and devoid of information that humans are seeking, the humans will not trust the bots.

To be in business bot owners aka search engine need to see if their algorithm is serving human needs or not.

So bots would be humanized as they are being now.

With advent of social media, everything is getting influenced by humans. While you might prefer ranking purely by bots but people out there would also vote for your page making it rank higher or lower.

If more people like your article, you are darling of search engine.

If not then bot can be overridden.

After all it is a mere software.

An article written for bots may fetch some page views and it may foll few humans but this game would not take you far.

As a savvy internet marketer of today, you must focus on building relations an authority rather than enforcing authority through a love affair with search engine bots.

Writing good content is is the primary key to become authority. Especially content that provides information in a way that is liked by people.

As your content is popular among your readers, people share it with their friends, colleagues and even their readers.

Your status rises.

Thus instead of search engines, if you write for people, you would have many people recommending your piece of writing.

How is that as compared to search engine affair.

So it is time that you start addressing humans and human interest.

You can fool bots but..

for what?

The customer is still human.