Working When You Are Sick – Another Hazard Of Having A Job

One of my physician relative works in a private clinic run and managed by a single doctor. Recently, she absented herself at the workplace for health reasons.

As it turned out to be, she was not paid for the days she did not work.

Consider this!

Her work in the clinic generates 8-10 times of her pay and in away she is underpaid. She is okay with that but this deduction was a kind of setback for her. [Read more…]

What Did You Do Today For Your Business?

question__markFor years together, it seemed to me that I have been working my ass off without much results. I use to start my computer just the moment I use to open my eyes (or one). I use to work in all the available time after my hospital duties.

I use to spend 14-17 hours on days if I was on a holiday.

But there seemed no progress as for as money making was concerned.

There was no doubt I was working very hard. My internet business fascination had become a center point of my life and thoughts.

I pushed myself further and further without much success in terms of money.

And then I did an analysis. [Read more…]

Super WareHouse – For Any Gadget That Your Business Requires

I recently visited Super WareHouse while I searched for Apple Ipods.  I was amazed to see the product range they offered. pcs, notebooks, monitors, scanners, projectors, hard drives, business softwares of different kinds, networking equipments, cameras, printers etc. As per their website claims they offer more than 50,000 products of different brands like Apple, HP, Cisco, IBM, Sony, Canon, Epson, Konica, Minolta, Lexmark, Xerox and more.

Because I was intrigued I also decided to checkother thingsand started with Apple computers . When you click a product you are taken to the page that describes the product in detail. This is a very nice feature that helps the customer to make a decision. They also happened to have an expert advice if you are not sure what you are looking for. It takes you through series of questions and in the end tells you most suitable products for you. I am not very fond of such wizards as I like to do search myself but it could come in handy for the one who is confused or overwhelmed.

If you stay in US they offer free ground shipping for purchases more than $299. This service covers most of the states.

I spent quite a lot time on my search and came back to Ipod. I selected Apple Ipod Nano 4GB Silver . Let us see how does it go.

Just to mention, Super Warehouse was founded by Russell Schneider out of a 2 bedroom apartment and has grown to 16 warehouses located throughout the United States.

Is not this kind of success that we look for in our internet entrepreneurship.

When You Are About To Say I Quit

Online business can be taxing. Most of the people work part time, alone and in a sea of scepticism from the people they have in their circle. Starting and growing an online business involves work, demands time, sincerity and generally is not at the pace you anticipated.

There would be times when you get disappointed, depressed and full of negative thoughts.

I cannot do it.

I want to quit. [Read more…]

Modern Email Marketing Consumer Demands Strong Relevance

A recent study conducted by eMarketer has clearly shown that email marketing works very well but consumers are very picky of the standards and relevance of the emails.

While consumer would not hesitate to buy a product as a result of email promotion, if they do not like it they turn away.

In a note that would bring smiles on email marketer,the study has concluded that permission-based e-mail is great at getting consumers to buy [Read more…]

5 Greatest Challenges That Would Not Let You Make Money

Whenever I tell people that a lot money could be made on the internet, they become curious. They take my email address, converse about the possibilities. I often suggest them to go through articles on Internet Business Startup.

Here is the reply I get very often.

I cannot do it. It is not for me.
[Read more…]