Should You Brand Your Name Or Your Business

Branding and reputation go hand in hand  in business. Every business strives to become a brand that would stick in people’s mind.

Building a brand has huge benefits. It is a kind of recognition you get in people’s eyes and trust theat you enthuse in them.

Brand can be your answer to reputation building.

When you have a business house it makes sense to brand your business in spite of who is behind the business.

But online business is different. [Read more...]

Want To Write An Fresh and Original Article -Add Yourself To The Content

original-articleWith so much written material published in volumes that defy imagination, one often wonders if it is still possible to write an article that can be called original in true sense.

To a great extent that is not an unfounded thought.

If you are not in current events field or not working on some breakthrough, it is likely that whatever you write has already been written and discussed.

But still people are writing everyday. Books, newspapers, magazines or internet – People are writing and publishing everywhere like never before. [Read more...]

Understanding Microsite and Its Role In Business

A microsite, also known as a minisite or weblet, is an Internet web design term referring to an individual web page or cluster of pages which are meant to function as an auxiliary supplement to a primary website.

Microsites are typically used to add a specialized group of information either editorial or commercial. Microsites can be linked to the main site or may stand as independent web page without any link to primary site.

Microsite canbe temporary or permanent depending on the need for which it was created.

Microsites can be used for purely commercial purposes to create a detailed information about a particular product or service. It can also be created as an editorial support to a service or product.

A recent study published at emarketer states that microsites helps companies to engage people and create in depth brand awareness.

Microsites can be a great tool to engage your readers and sell to them.

Ethical Marketing-Why Should You Stick To It

I am a great believer of God. Naturally, that makes me a God fearing man. therefore concept of ethics and being right is very dear to me.

The following discussion is not going to appeal many a people. Because it involves some concepts which can only be justified if you think ethically. Many people question ethics in today’s world and some sneer at them.

But that does not change the way the system works. [Read more...]