Link Advice From Bing – What To Do and What To Avoid

bing-search-engineInternet is a fast changing world. When I joined the worrld of internet marketing, it was a speciality in itself. Everybody svae few geeks used to called themselves as internet marketer. The internet marketing has become  a broad speciality in itself giving rise to many small niches.

Even the niches further have evolved into subniches. There are not only seach engine optimizers but they have evolved further into Google SEOs, Yahoo SEOs, Link Builders, Link Exchangeres, SEo content specialists etc.

They are all marketers but with different angles.

In this constantly changing world, as  a marketer you have to be aware of what is happening  around and how changes can affect you. [Read more…]

Keywords – Center Of Your Business

From  your marketing campaign to your articles and sales letter, there exists a core entity that decides and drives your business.

It is called ‘keyword’

It  starts with your market search for your niche, it is there when you search & create your product and it is there where you create your website. You need it to grow your business and you need it to check your competition.

It involves every marketing effort you make.

You need this for article marketing.

Very obviously, you need it for pay per click strategy.

You need it for your blog articles.

The list could be endless.

Knowing keywords related to your niche provide you a lot of advantages.

When you know what to build upon, your keywords become foundation on which you can grow your business.

While we consider keywords an essential part of SEO, we often overlook them as business building strategy.

To understand right usage of keywords, we need to research and experiment.

There are many aspects of keyword research and usage and there are many keyword research tools available both free and paid.

‘How to’ is a very broad subject.

For a while we just would discuss the important implications of keyword use.

Think about it. When you know your keywrds

  • You can write better and magnetic  headlines
  • You can write better and relevant sales letter
  • You can create better and relevant site content
  • You know where to look for your competition

Keep in mind keywords when you do any activity related to keywords.