Adsense Facts & Fiction Series

AdsenseAdsense Blog has started a new teaching series on its blog called Adsense Facts and Fiction.

So if you are new to Adsense or are struggling with basics, you can take the advantage of new material.

Adsense is a good way to start making money  and still it is one of the major sources of my online revenue.

It may be possible that the blog does not answer all the queries but any information that you can lay your hand upon is worth it.

Weekly Free Giveaway – Adsense For Newbies

Adsense is a great way to make money on the internet. I speak this from my personal experience. I am a great fan of Adsense. It provides me an opportunity to earn from my traffic.

In the beginning it can be daunting and exhausting. You need to learn a lot about the ad sizes and how to optimize. Therefore, I decided to offer an ebook on Adsense.

This ebook would help you shorten your learning curve and bring profits faster.

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Adsense Announces Electronic Fund Transfer In North America

money-transferI intended to writ ethis about two dys baack when this news was still new. But it got down the priority due to some urgent jobs.
Any way it is a good news and Iwould like to share it with you.

Adsense has started electronic fund transfer in North America. That is surely the fastest way of getting paid from Adsense.

In India i still receive it by ordinary mail/courier [Read more...]

Adsense Adds Images To Link Units

There is a news from Adsense. Adsense has started to put image ads in the link units. These are the ads that a user would see after it clicks a link unit topic. Currently the ad is in bottom of the page that a user hoes to after clicking.
Says Adsense blog

If you use link units, you may have noticed a small addition to the page users see after clicking a link unit topic. We recently added an image ad to the bottom of each of these pages, after our testing showed revenue improvements for many publishers.

Here is a shot [Read more...]

Taking Off Adsense Ads On This Blog

adsense-offThat statement in headline may not be entirely right but yes, i am taking off most of the Adsense ads on this blog. I have decided not to publish Adseense ads in my posts. There might be few left in header or sidebar on some specific pages or post but not in the main content.

Why am I doing this?

There are multiple factors which have built over the period. Most important of them is decreased click through rate. I have observed that over a period the response rate to these ads have diminished. I think this has happened due to two reasons. [Read more...]

Adsense Now Offers Font Options

Adsense has recently announced a feature that would allow you to alter the fonts of the ads displayed in Adsense.  Now  Adssene allows you change the font face of the text in ad units on pages in Latin-character languages. For those who are like me scratching their heads over this phrase, following languages are included in Latin-character languages

* Croatian
* Czech
* Danish
* Dutch [Read more...]

My Internet Business Journey – So Far So Good

While I was busy, the day came and went silently. It has been four years since I came to online business. Fourth anniversary just passed silently while I was busy with some offline projects.

Today when I was sitting alone I was thinking about my beginning as an amateur marketer and journey from there onwards.

Four years is a big time. Few people have made a fortune within that span of time, creating empires of their own. While I do not have empire yet, I am placed quite comfortably and look forward to building one for myself.

I was just walking down my memory lane. Why do not you come along. [Read more...]

Always Look For More Money Making Methods

Ultimate goal of every internet entrepreneur should be building his/her own business and scale it to a level where his presence is no longer required. This requires effort and time. As we hail from different backgrounds and have different bents of minds, our capabilities to understand and develop business knack.

Everyone would get different results under the same condition and same amount of hard work. Because we are differently programmed to react and act.

While it could be a long journey to build your own business empire, you cannot remain starved throughout your journey.
[Read more...]

Adsense Video Units- Are They Worth The Trouble?

I have not had a good experience with adsense Video units. clickthrough rate is quite low. In comparison to text ads, they perform poorly.

While video is a popular medium, it has inherent disadvantages.

First of all they take time to load. many of the users will not even bother to click them as that would be heavy toll on there internet bills.

While I watch video, I like to watch uninterrupted. advertisement on the video remind me of ad strip that our cable guy used to run. I always considered that as an intrusion and never bothered to read them.

When you sign up and implement Adsnese video units on yuor page, the videos are shown from Youtube. The video is displayed in a format you choose and you can put up to one video per page.

however this also creates situation where user would just leave the website without clicking the ads. A loss of traffic.

I do not think they are as goood as text ads.

What is your opinion on this? Please do share.

Adsense Incorporation In Feedburner Feeds Starts

In step to Googlize Feedburner, Adsense ads are being started to be incorporated in Feedburner feed. As of now few publishers have been offered this. Full launch is expected on the way.

In this, Publishers will be able to manage their feed ad units straight from the AdSense Setup tab, and track performance from the AdSense Report tab.

More details are promised to be released with the full release in future.

I wonder what kept them waiting for so long. Speculations were in place since the time Google aqcuired Feedburner.

Anyway it is good news for publishers.