Always Look For More Money Making Methods

Ultimate goal of every internet entrepreneur should be building his/her own business and scale it to a level where his presence is no longer required. This requires effort and time. As we hail from different backgrounds and have different bents of minds, our capabilities to understand and develop business knack.

Everyone would get different results under the same condition and same amount of hard work. Because we are differently programmed to react and act.

While it could be a long journey to build your own business empire, you cannot remain starved throughout your journey.
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New Feature In Adsense-Link Units Reports Separated From Ad Units

Here is a big cheer for Adsense Publishers. In a move aimed at better performance of Adsense, Google Adsense has rolled out a new feature today that would allow the publishers to view reporting of their link units separately from regular Ad units.

Till now link units were clubbed together with ad units. Yes! You could view them by identifying with separate channels but no more details could be assessed.

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How To Remove MFA Sites and Increase Adsense Earnings

Made for Adsense sites are those sites which use Google Adwords to drive traffic to their sites and the only content they show their readers is Adsense.

Made for Adsense sites are a kind of parasites on your site content. They use low price bids to display their ads on a content site like yours, use low value click to attract visitors to their site and then present him with keyword rich Adsense ads that would make them money. [Read more…]

Understanding Bid Gap Effect in Adsense

Adsense uses the advertisements from Google Adwords to display on your site. Because Google Adwords is a PPC scheme and the ad slots are determined by bidding prices. The higher ad bidder would win higher position in the search as well as content bidding.

That is from advertiser’s viewpoint. At publisher’s end higher bid means higher earning after a click is made on the ad.

The bid gap is the difference in price between Google ads.The top spot always would cost more and each lower position costing less and less.

Due to stiff competition the bid gap between top 4 ads would be very minimal. Once you get pass that the difference increases to a great extent.

There may be a bid of $7, $6.90, $6.80 and $6.75 for top four bids and may fall to 10 cents for fifth position.Competition is high for top 4 positions because advertisers are aware that most Google ads are in a slot where maximum number of ads published is 4.

See the staggering difference.

This bid gap can lead to lower earnings if you are displaying too many ads.

If you run maximum number of ads allowed by Google, then you would be displaying the ads with highest bids along with those who have very small price bid.

Because there would be more of low priced ads, there are chances that those would be clicked more than others.

You would find in Google reports that few clicks are generating 2 cents or 5 cents and so on.If eCPM is significantly lower than another unit in your channel reports, it is indicative of huge bid gap. If your clicks on your site are not resulting in value, it is time to act.

Another factor in low price bids is “Made For Adsense” sites. These sites publish low bid ads via Adwords and then use that traffic to lead to their own site which also contains Adsense ads with higher bids.

Basically, they leverage on other people’s content to push their own content less website.

In such situation reducing the number of ads displayed on your site can help.

You would get lesser click through because total number of ads would reduce but revenue per click would increase.

You would need to monitor the situation though to see if reducing the number of ads help you to increase the revenue.

Why Content Monetization is So Easy With Adsense

Google Adsesne

Before you understand the answer, you must know how Adsense works.

If you forget for a while the complex technology involved, the concept is very simple one

The content publisher or the webmaster puts code in his webpages. Every time the page is accessed, the code pulls advertisements that are related to the published content on that site. [Read more…]

Despite Mourning Google Adsense is Here To Stay

Google Adsesne

Every now and then I come across this question. Is Adsense a viable option of making money. With all kinds of ebooks emerging mourning the death of Adsense, the confusion is genuine.

But one must look at those death mourning carefully. Most of them are attention seeking ploys. While the fact is Google Adsense have already dominated the internet marketing business and is now considered the easiest way to making money online.

With all the people getting online and clicking away everyday, it is pretty laughable when people say Adsense is dying.

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How Adsense And A Blog Can Make You Money Without Spending A Dime

Yes it is true. You can earn on the web without spending any upfront money. This was unthinkable few years back but advent of blog has changed the picture entirely. Today you can begin your journey on the web without taking a single bug out of your pocket. [Read more…]

Make Money Online Products-Adsense

Beginning today, Homeforprofit would discuss various money making opportunities present online. This is first of the series.

In 2003, Google announced arrival of adsense. Since then a plethora of websites are using adsense as one of means to monetize their websites including homeforprofits.

Adsense is a great program to make money. In spite of what is said about it, adsense is a great monetizer for your website. How much you make would depend upon your website and traffic. [Read more…]

Myths That Prevent People From Making Money

After I wrote yesterday’s post it got me thinking.

Is lack of product only reason that people do not start their own money making venture of online business. There are so many alternatives having your own product. If somebody wants, he can grow into a millionaire by starting very small.

Never, ever this power had been put into hands of ordinary man. Had that not been case, I wouldn’t have been here.

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