6 Reasons Why You Should Publish and Sell An Ebook

Without introduction I would move to the reasons

Its Pure Profit

Ebook lets you keep 100% of the profit margins. Except for the transaction fee charged by payment processor, you need not pay anybody anything. Not to the publisheer or bookstore or any other middleman. all the money that comes is yours.

Zero Cost

If you write it yourself, you can create an ebook without spending a penny. All you need is

  • A program like MS Word to write your matter. you probably own one already. If not open office is a great free choice.
  • A program that converts your file to pdf. Here is a list of free pdf creators.
  • All you need to spend is on website and hosting. That is quite cheap now a days.

Zero Inventory

All you need is to upload your file once and watch it being downloaded again and again over the time.

Easy To Update

Unlike the actual book, ebooks are very easy to update too. You need to modify the file and upload that again.

Instant Delivery

No packaging hassels, no shipping delays. Customers get instant gratification from one click dwnload. Unmatched bbuying experience.

Higher Perceived Value

Ebooks are perceived to be of higher value than regular books. That is why you are able to charge $29 or $37 or $67 and so on.

People pay because they value them more.

So when are you writing your next?

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