Putting Your Customers Word In Your Sales Letter

The best way to agree and connect with a person is to repeat his words verbatim. When you say I fully agree with you, you cannot help repeating the words the person used.

It is in human nature to connect by the words. As a marketer and solution provider, you need to understand your customers and their language very well. You want to become aware of what they need.

Customers may look at their problem in a different way than what you are offering. They might use different language to communicate their point of view.

You can highly profit from the knowledge of the language that your customer speak.


If you use the words they often use in their communication to discuss the problem you make a higher level of connection than when you do not use.

When you salesletter contains the words that echo in your customer’s mind, he becomes more attentive and thinks, “This guy knows about my problem”.

What would your customer say when he reads his own words


See the level of harmony you can achieve.

It seems like a simple solution. It could be but you need to know what your customer thinks and speaks.

How to do that.

You need to study, follow and research your market. You need to know where your potential market gathers and discusses.

On the web forums, webinars and blogs are places that come into my mind. Offline it can be a seminar meeting or any event pertaining to your niche that would bring a lot of people together.

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