Adsense Introduces Two Cool New Features

Recently Google announced two cool new optimization options which would be of great value to publishers. These features are Adsense for search ads and Adsense for Ajax. I think both have their uasability and if used well they can bring in more revenue.

AdSense for Search Ads Only

Now in addition to custom search ads option there is another option for monetizing  the search ads. You can now monetize your own, non-Google search results.  Now, with AdSense for search ads only, publishers can now include AdSense for search ads on their pages and pair them with their own, homegrown search results.

By adding just a few lines of JavaScript to your page, you can display AdSense for search ads above, beside, or below your own search results. You can pick the size, shape and number of ads displayed in each block, and you can even adjust the style of the ads to better fit the look and feel of your site.

AdSense for Ajax

Other option is  content ads with AdSense for Ajax. With traditional AdSense for content, ads refresh only when a page is reloaded. However Ajaxallows visitors to navigate a lot of content without actually leaving a single page. You must have come across tabbed interfaces where you can browse different tabbed sections without reloading the page.

With AdSense for Ajax, your AdSense for content ads will refresh whenever there’s a context change – regardless of whether the page reloads or not.

Both of these AdSense features can be easily added to most sites by just copying and pasting a few lines of JavaScript code, which will help you show highly relevant ads to your visitors.

I am amore interested in the former one as I do not use Ajax.

If you use please let us know  your feedback for sure.

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