Making Fast Money Online Versus Building An Authority And Business

You might have faced this dilemma of life in your internet business. You wanted to make money but the censor( Read Google) says you cannot do this.

Making a fast buck is a dream of any internet entrepreneur but often in the very beginning of your business, it is difficult.

You work hard to generate traffic but that traffic does not translate into money.

People do not buy from you or heck! they do not even listen to you.

Because you do not have an aothority yet.

You do not have a reputation that would make people swing their head and follow.

Building an authority is very important.

Authority is the cause of difference in degree of success when you compare yourself with someone who has authority.

Authority Is Earned

Authority means someone thinks you with respect and reverence. If you want to become an authority, you need to work hard and earn that. You need to stay ahead of the most people in terms of knowledge and wisdom.

That comes by knowing your subject well and constant learning.

Does Authority Mean Fast Money

Authority is a gained over time. That means you slog for weeks together, work hard to gain new knowledge, stay alert to grab the latest scoop and provide value to the world without asking anything in return.

People hate to see other people selling especially if you are new to them but visit in hordes to revere a person who appears to provide them valuable information.

After you have made your foothold strong, you can cash your authority because people know you and have confidence in you. At that moment you can sell products, provide consultation and do many other things riding wave of your authority.

It is the best way to name and fame. You provide free value to people, people revere you in exchange and help you to carve a name.

After you make a name you make tons of money.

This is a simple and doable process but takes time.

What About Fast Money?

By fast money I mean an easily generated cash. When one begins his online business, he wants to see fast money.

There are many methods to generate fast money on internet now a days. Adsense, Text Link Ads, Paid Reviews, Writing content for money ( etc.

There is nothing wrong in building fast cash but your focus should not be fast money but rather build a business.

Often fast cash making mentality puts you on a vicious job circle that you would find difficult to get from.

Then you start working for others and never build a business.

Always go for Fast Cash with a target of capital generation. When you find that you have enough to sustain your business for 6 months, then focus on business building.

If you have enough capital already and a plan too, go for building you business.

Note: I have listed Adsense as fast cash method but it is also used by many to build your business upon.

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