Let Your Mind Swell

Indian spiritual lessons teach you that your mind asks for more and any fulfillment is just a temporary phase. When you get something, it would ask for more.

Yes! That is true. I have felt that phenomenon and that this also secret of continuous ongoing struggle to achieve more.

You look for a higher target when you reach one.

It is said that moment you fill the mind it swells further, making space for more.

I have experienced this in my web business.

When I started, I was quite doubtful if I could actually make any money. The concept seemed so much alien to my education and background.

The I received a check for $1.62 [I hope I am right as for as decimal values are concerned].

The came 10, 100 and its going on.

Utilize this power of mind for success.

Go earn your first dollar.

And let your mind swell for more.

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