Pay Per Click Advertising-How To Approach Your First Self Managed Campaign

After you have decided that you would be using pay per click advertising for your business, next step is to plan the campaign in detail.

PPC apparently looks simple but can result in waste of of money if you are not careful enough.The greatest market reach are offered by Google and Yahoo in pay per click arena. Therefore you would start with either of them. I find Google Adwords easier to follow and with more user friendly interface.

The basic principles of PPC campaign are good keyword strategy and the process to convert your visitors into customers. Campaigns need to be placed so that you end up earning more than you bid.

Plan Your Budget: You would be spending money. You yet do not know which keywords would bring in revenues and which would suck your money. As you are managing it yourself and would like to try a lot of keywords. Initially, you may end up loosing money. Therefore, it is important to set aside the monthly budget that you would be spending on the campaign without making anything in to return. This could be $50 or $100 depending upon your capacity.

Choose Your Keywords Well: Choosing relevant and optimum keywords id essential part of your campaign. Check your competitors, take help of keyword suggestion tools provided by your PPC service. See for the volume that keyword has received in the past and competition in each keyword. That would help to plan your bid for the particular keyword.

Choose Your Bid Well: This is a step that you would learn with experience only. You cannot master the technique untill you apply it. Do not aim for top position. You would be bled very soon. Aim for second or third position. Your bid suggestion tool provided by your PPC service would let you know what should you be putting in a bid to get the position.

After your campaign becomes live, you would have to check the performance of your keywords and make adjustments.

Write Good Ad: Your ad copy should be good. You would get limited number of characters to express yourself. Google Adwords allows just 35 characters per line and ad just contains two lines. So write wisely.

A better ad would result in more clicks and more visitors. Google Adwords rewards ads with better clicks by reducing cost per click.

You can use the search keyword in your ad to enhance the effect.

Define Website Response: In PPC campaign where every visitor costs money, you should work hard on converting every visitor into your customer. The approaches may be different but it is necessary to make your visitors land on a page where he is expected to generate a response.

This might be a purchase or downloading a report after opt in or download of trial software. See for yourself what is best for your business.

Monitor & Track: This is important to understand. Your campaign would mature after learn what works and what not. It is necessary to monitor and track your results. Both Yahoo and Google have created special tools that can be used for this.

Test, Test & Test: Google Adwords allows you to put more than one campaign for one keyword. You can test performance of your headlines or ad. You can also use more than one landing pages to test your sales letter or website look or anything.

Give your test some time and then apply the most effective results.

Do not hesitate if you want to go for PPC. You may loose some bucks initially but that would also teach you a lot about PPC and your site.

The key is to follow most effective process and method.

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