Demographic Bidding Now Available For AdWords Advertisers

adwords.gifGoogle has officially announced availability of demographic bidding for all its Adwords’ customers. Earlier beta, this feature has been made available with effect from 21 March.

What is demographic bidding?

Demographic bidding is a feature that helps you target your advertisements to users of a particular age group (such as ages 18-24), by gender, or to combinations of those groups.

Thus you can choose to focus your advertisement to target on females between 30-35 years of age. You can use demographic bidding whether you are using contextual or placement targeting and with both CPC and CPM bidding.

You can refine your reach based on users’ gender and age on certain sites in the Google content network such as MySpace and Friendster, whose users provide that information about themselves.

AdWords receives the data in anonymous and aggregate form from participating partner sites, which means that users can’t be personally identified.

But Google uses comscore data to identify the visited sites of the target group that you specify in your ad.

If you are selling to women aged 30-35 years of age, your ads would be on the sites which are heavily visited by those age groups.

Demographic bidding is supposed to help you achieve targeted results.You can also use demographic reports, available in the AdWords Report Center, to get insight into how your ads perform for specific demographics. These metrics can help you decide how to adjust your bid modifiers and restricts to reach the audiences that give you the most clicks and the best ROI.

You can target as well as restrict the ad for a particular demographic group.


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