Optin Forms–Keep Them Smart

Every marketer needs to build and from his list for successful email campaigns. More the subscribers better would be response and profits.

You can ask people to subscribe by either sending mail to a particular email that you have designated in your autoresponder a by filling a optin form.

Optin forms are bring specially created for subscription. They can be placed anywhere on your website.

When a special page is created just for this purpose, it is called squeeze page.

Optin forms are integral part of email marketing. So they need to crafted well. Here are few points that would help you to build smart optin forms.

Keep It Short

Do not ask unnecessary information. To keep a person in your list all you need is his email address and name. If you start asking for address, telephone or fax, not only that is unnecessary but also would make the person to go away.

Make It Distinct:

Design your form in such a way that it stands out from rest of your website. That way you would get better optin.

Give Instructions
Write clearly what a person has to do for becoming you subscriber.

A time like ‘full in your name’ and email address to receive our newsletter immediately.

Similarly, a line that ‘A confirmation email is on the way’ would go a long way in leaving first impression.

Privacy Policy:
This helps in establishing a relation of trust. A link to privacy policy must exist on your optin / squeeze page.

Right below your form you can add something like ‘we would not share your email address with any other party’. That assures your subscribers that he want be spammed.

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