Ad Tracking-Key To Success In Advertising

Constant testing and experimenting is the only way to ensure that you are getting best results from your marketing efforts.

An integral part of any advertising campaign is knowing which ads bring you the most visitors. You might have multiple ads running and want to judge the best performing ads or you might just want to evaluate your running ad for improvement purposes.

An ad tracking program would help you to evaluate the required aspects you need to know about your ads. Ad tracking can help you analyze the effectiveness of every single ad, and hence they should be an integral part of every marketing campaign

An ad tracking program records when your advertisement was loaded by browser. It is called page impression. It can tel you when was your URL clicked, what was the the referring URL, the browser and operating system used and the exact time the visitor arrived. It can also record total hits and unique hits (i.e. where one visitor may click several times). The accumulated data stored so that you are able to generate reports any ways you would like to e.g. by month, day or even by hour.

A number of advertising programs like Adwords have their own ad tracking mechanisms in place which you can access once you use their system to distribute your ad. But for many other advertising campaigns, you would need to have access to an independent ad tracking software.

There are two types of Ad Tracking programs. One type would be hosted on your site using a script . This would require installation of a script on to your website. Other type is an online service that does not require any installation.

Hosted Scripts
You need to purchase these programs which then is required to be installed on your site. you can choose to install all by yourself or get it installed by a professional against a fee.

With this kind of tracking, the tracking URL contains your site’s domain name.

Online Services

These programs operate completely independently from your site. therefore no software installation is required. However, such programs run at the site that provides this service. You pay a rental for the program. With this kind of tracking, the tracking URL contains domain name of the site that provides this service.

There are many ad tracking programs available.

We would discuss about them in coming post.


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    Your right ad tracking is the key to success, when i started with PPC advertising i did not use an ad tracking tool however i found out when i was not making money that using an ad tracking tool is absolutely essential to succeed.
    I found out what i thought was making money was not and i made the corrections and now i make money with ppc advertising

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    Ad tracking is the key to success. It is crucial that anyone who starts a new ppc advertising campaign should have a tracking system in place to track where your signups and sales are coming from. Without it, you literally have no idea how to measure the success of your advertising.


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