Google Adsense For Domains – Would I Make Some Money

I have closed many websites in the end of last year which were either not performing or demanded time that was not at my disposal.

I closed them one by one and in order to monetize, I have listed them in Google Adsense for domains program.

What Is Google Adsense For Domains?

Google Adsense for domains is a program by Google Adsense where you can park the domain with them and they would display relevant ads on them.

If you have non working domains lying idly, you can consider joining the program.

You would get a percentage of ad clicks from your parked domain.

Ads on parked domains is not a new concept and many domain registrar like Godaddy and Sedo and others do it if yu let the domain parked with them.

They make money but do not give domain owner anything.

But it is possible to earn money with Google Adsense for domains.

How To Join The Program?

You need to have a working Adsense account if you wish to work on your parked domains.If you do not have you an account, you can apply for one.

  • In your Adsense account,  go to “Adsense Setup”.
  • Click On “Adsense For Domains”
  • Click “Add New Domains”
  • Fill the domain name  in the form, one domain name per line and select the language.
  • Submit by pressing  “Add Domains” button.

The system then starts verifying the domains.

Now, go to your registrar and change the Nameservers to following


That is all. Wait for verification of the domain which might take anything between two hour to two days.

I am just starting with it. Let us see if I make any money. One thing is for sure. It is not going to pay as mush as the Adsense for websites does.

Less traffic and less advertisers are my prime reasons for this speculation.

Let us see.

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