Gadget Advisor – New Site For Gadget and Software Advice

I would make this quick.

I just want to mention about Gadget Advisor . It is a relatively a new site, but is growing fast. Instead of publishing every tech news, the site focuses on  the product s and news that are the significant, useful, or particularly cool.

The areas covered are computer hardware, software, gadgets, and tech news. I liked the concept. Instead of wading through pages of useless stuff, you can reach what you are looking for. The reviews are nicely written like this article on universal remote control from Logitech.

But I wish if the articles could be longer and bulletted instead of short paragraphs. Make the reading easy. I lost enthusiasm in this article on network media player while I was halfway through.

Similarly this article on online backup services looks bit dry for want of subheadings.

It appears promising concept and for a while I have bookmarked it. I would update how this site develops.


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    Gadget Advisor is great site, it provides useful information about the latest tech and gadget news, i most like the Tech News section by Gadget Advisor and no doubt love the other categories as well. I’ve enjoyed reading most of the article there and find many of them ahead of other Gadget news sites. Hopefully you will review other sites like this one in the future. Good report. That featured article on Firefox is excellent and I highly recommend reading it. I feel the same for the DDR 3 Triple Channel review they did also. Top notch

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