Google Launches Google Store Gadget

An Example Of Google Store Embedded In A Website

An Example Of Google Store Embedded In A Website

Google has come out with a new product from its labs. It is called the Google Checkout Store Gadget which enables  creation of online store powered by Google Checkout.

Now making an online store has become entirely simple with it  and just needs few steps

  1. Sign up for Google Checkout
  2. List products in a spreadsheet-Manage inventory in Google Docs.
  3. Embed the gadget anywhere- Blogger, Google Sites, and other websites.

The inventory is managed in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

The only thing is that merchants would need to have a Google Checkout seller account.  After this the process is very simple and smooth.

You just need to create a copy of Google’s template spreadsheet and replace the sample inventory with yours.

Cheers! You can have an online store without spending a dime.

Check it out

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