Google Adsense Introduces Custom Search For Adsense For Search

Google Adsense has introduced Custom Search for Adsense For Search.

Custom search allows advance customization to improve the accuracy of search results and tailor than to what users are looking for. Integration of Custom Search into adsense for search empowers you to take advantage of the following features:

Site search

You can choose to provide site search only feature so that users can find all information on your site, moreover the search result can be hostered on your own pages. So that the do not need to leave your site.

Improve indexing

Google Adsence claims to have improved indexing technology for providing a better and enhanced search experience for users that means adsence for search will now index greater number of pages on your site. The only condition being ability to crawl them. This means your users will get more results from your site in adsense for search results. Google also says that technology will be further improved.

Vertical Search

This feature would allow your users to search across multiple sites that your want them to use. This could be network of your site or site you think that would be useful for users.

Tune Search Results and Ads With Keywords.

You are now able to configure your search engine with relevant keywords. e.g. if you run a site on meditation and users searches for met the search result would be related to meditation met and not commercial floor mets. If find is to be great feature and this would increase for earning for publishers.

Choose Ad location

You can now choose the ads to appear at top or bottom or side bar. This feature puts control of ad publishing in publishers hand

Manage Search Like Ads

Just like you can manage your Adsense ads in your Adsense account, you can now mange Adsense for Search in Google Adsense account too. No more code storage.

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