Google Ad Manager-New Way To Publish Advertisements

admanager_google.gif Google has launched beta version of Google Ad Manager Beta, a product that would change the way Ads are published all over the web. Sure, this is going to hurt many businesses but publishers and advertisers are going to be immensely benefited.

Google Ad Manager is a hosted solution for advertisers and publishers. It is the in between interface like OpenX (formally known as OpenAds… and even more formally known as PhpAdsNew). OpenX has been quite popular with pubishers but with advent of Google Ad Manager, it surely going to be hit badly.

If you are a webmaster who is looking for methods to sell and manage advertising space on your website, Google Ad Manager could be solution for you. You can take a tour and see detailed features of Google Ad Manager is .

Google Ad Manager is going to be absolutely free to join. It is in beta as of now-that means you would require an invitation if you wish to join before before it is finally rolled out.

You can apply for an invitation here .

Go! check it out.


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