What can You Sell At Internet?

A short and sweet answer would be Everything. Yes! That is right. Household items, ebooks, softwares, computers, real estate……. You can imagine anything and it can be found on internet. You can sell tangible products like pen or cellphones and intangible products like ebooks.

It is better and easier to  start with intangible products. Intangible products include a product such as a software or a service like copywriting. All the advantages which had been discussed in Online Business Vol I are maximized in case of intangible products. You do not need any kind of store and you are saved from shipping and related issues. As a beginner it is the best to focus on intangible products or services. Once you become master you can move on to tangible products to.  Our Online Business manual is based upon our studies and experience with intangible products only

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