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Clickbooth is a publisher affiliate network and CPA network.“CPA” stands for Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action and is a leading form of media buying that provides advertisers with the true value of a consumer.

As an industry leader, Clickbooth, provides the widest variety of marketing channels, methods and niches to create the complete online marketing solution. They are committed to develop a long lasting, successful relationships. Their team consists of  exceptionally experienced industry experts.

It conducs one of a kind, free webinars, in which top Internet marketers are interviewed to discuss what it is they’re doing online to achieve their successes. The duration of webinars is about one hour and it is usually published every two weeks.

These webinars are available at At this moment you are directed to where you are given access without any account. I think they would enforce user account in the future because of redirect to the Thank You page.

At the time of this writing they had four reviews with them. They are

  • Marketing Mastery With
  • Clickbooth Interviews PPC-Coach Will Haimerl on Affiliate Marketing
  • Traffic Geyser Uses Video Medium as a Traffic Generation Tool
  • New Search Engine Marketing Webinar

I watched them and they are quite good. But just four videos do not make enough sample to comment upon, therefore I would rather watch them more.

But so far so good.

To go to webinars click Clickbooth Webinars

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