Clickbank Surprised Me


I have not been promoting clickbank products for quite some time. but I have seen clickbank stay the same for years together. It has been dressed in its trademark blue and offered a serene kind of picture.  But recently Clickbank has become bold and bright. Gone is the serene blue and it has been replaced by excitement bright red,  yellow and green. Even the logo has got new colors.

But it is not only the web site design that has been changed. The new interface is very likable and there are many new excitinh features available both to affiliates and sellers now called vendors.

I was more interested in affiliate features so I checked them in detail and found very interesting changes.

One of the things that I liked is HopLink Shield, a tool that encrypts the affiliate and vendor nicknames in HopLinks. This adds an extra layer of privacy and anonymity to HopLinks, keeping affiliates’ promotional efforts and techniques hidden from others.

Earlier Clickbank’s affiliate links were prone to siphoning by other people but this measure adds inherent security cover to hoplink.

Another new option is of Hopadbuilder, a new way to display your products in two ways in addition to classical hoplink building. you can also display Clickbank products as contexual ads like Adsense or tabbed ads like Chitika.

Very good and lazy ways of promoting products. Only problem that i see is that you do not have control over display of products. I have started testing text ads in my sidebar and let me see how do they behave.

These changes have been there for quite a while. It was I who had not visited Clickbank for quite some time.

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