True Success – A Note From Calender

success wishes

There is no IM post today. Rather I want to share with you what I clicked from a table calender.

It is a beautiful quote and it tells a lot about achieving success.
I just take a look at it whenever I feel overworked, distressed or suffer a setback.

Very true! I know this and understand as well but it is always good to be reminded.

Best wishes and take care.

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What Are Your Chances of Success Online?


Statistics show that 95% of online businesses fail. That means mere 5% succeed. Do not get overwhelmed and intimidated with the stats. Stats are for population. You are an individual.

Then what does this figure mean? What are your chances of success online?

Does That Mean You Have 5% Chances of Success Online?

It is a way of saying that odds are against you. You just have 5% chance of success if you started online business.

But we need have a second look at the people behind the stats.

Most of the people who get counted in these statistical figures are hardly in any business. I mean putting a website with two pages saying “coming soon” or “under construction” is not business at all but you do manage to get yourself counted in the stats.

Most of people who fail either do not try or they do not try enough.

Another chart of stats show that most of the blogs do not continue form more than a few months.

What Does this mean?

In contrast to the popular notion among the new starters, online business is game of hard work, patience and perseverance.

If you come to web thinking that you would be rich in another month then you  stand for joining those 95% people who fail.

No body gets rich overnight. In fact many people would not see their first $100 in months to come. You would see all the money eventually but you need to stay put.

That is what people do not do.

Most of the people, when they see the hard work involved quit at first instance.

You cannot make money just by setting up a blog. The real work starts after that. You need to learn the art of marketing, art of building traffic and procedures of making sales. You would need to do a lot of reading , learning and experimentation.

You would need to invest time in doing all this. You would invest money too.

Many leave at this sight. They think that there is free money to be made and when they cannot, they quit.

All you need to do is stay put, learn, apply and act.

Its hard work, patience and perseverance.

Good Luck.

If you persist, persevere, learn the facts and take action, I bet your chances of success online are 100%.

Forget the stats.

Stats are for population. You are an individual. :-)


What is Purpose of Your Business


I came to world of internet marketing by stroke of chance.

I intended to look for ways to make some money in 2004.

After spending a lot of time with paid to click, paid to surf and paid to read programs followed by surveys and feeling duped, I came across a web page that appeared good and again promised money.

It required subscription to various affiliate programs and most of them were paid.

Then I needed to promote my own link to get paid customers under me as I did under somebody.

Kind of MLM but that was it.

I got few customers and it felt good to get those commissions.

However, the very thing that you stay as paid customer and build a downline was not comfortable with me.

There was no value in that probably.

Eventually I left.

The business model still runs and is quite famous. may be they have changed the pattern.

I left because I saw no meaning in that model. No purpose other than collecting customers who in turn are supposed to collect more customers.

People still do it and justify it but it is not for me.

We do what we like and cannot sustain what we do not like.

In my view if you are in online business, you need to give your business an identity, a meaning.

A purpose.

You can make quick money for a short time by following anything. But to create a  sustained business you need to create a meaning in your business.

If your business is serving people well and answer their needs, profits will easily follow.

What Is Your Identity – What is Purpose of Your Business?

How can your customers identify you. What does come into their head when they visit your website.

How does your business help people?

If you want to attract people and leave a long lasting good imprint on their minds, then your efforts should concentrate on their needs.

It is a kind of strange thing.

If you eye on people’s pocket people retract and if you serve their needs they open their pockets.

The idea is not give false appearance but actually be helpful. You cannot twist the philosophy to dupe people. Sooner it would be sensed.

How To Add Purpose To Your Business

Creating profits  is the root goal of every business.

But until your business by some higher value than money, you would find it difficult to sustain it in the long run.

It can be a awesome product line, offering value for money, excellent customer care or loyalty rewards. Your business should send a clear message across to your customers.

Develop your business around people.

And money would follow.

What you say? What is purpose of your business