Passion For The Dollar-Secret To Make Millions

How would it sound if I say you can make millions if you can make one dollar. Would you laugh that statement away? No! If you are able to make one dollar, you are far ahead of the race who do not know or do not try. It is not a simple journey from one dollar to million dollars. But more … [Read more...]

Top Reasons Why An Internet Business Would Fail

There is a large failure rate for businesses on net. As high as 95% of the businesses fail. Though these figures are scary and dissuading, a closer look would reveal that majority of those 95% never tried hard. Let us accept the facts. you got to work to make a success and that means lot of … [Read more...]

Rene Descartes and Your Business Goals

Have you heard about Rene Descartes. He was highly influential French writer and scientist. His Cartesian theory allows us to divide bigger problems into smaller subunits and then work on smaller subunits to find a solution to over all problem. Cartesian theory has been applied in almost every … [Read more...]

Run Or Else You Would Be Washed Away

About 15 years back when I had just entered the medical school for my graduation, I met this guy named Kabir who was three years senior to me. It was a process of formal introduction. The way it was done amounted to ragging but it was kind of fun after you get used to and get over the initial … [Read more...]

How Long Would It Take…

Its a funny question. Nobody is sure of the answer but everybody asks it. At least when people have just entered in the business. Back in 2004, when I stated my website, I was curious to know how long would it take to make money. How long would it take that I would be making a lot of … [Read more...]

Ethical Marketing-Why Should You Stick To It

I am a great believer of God. Naturally, that makes me a God fearing man. therefore concept of ethics and being right is very dear to me. The following discussion is not going to appeal many a people. Because it involves some concepts which can only be justified if you think ethically. Many … [Read more...]

Email Marketing-Build Trust To Get More Subscribers

In spite of spam and other issues people subscribe to mails that promotes products and services because subscribes wants to know more about the things that would be beneficial for them. They expect to get be kept posted on what they are interested in and what are new in the market or field they have … [Read more...]

The Key Factors That Determine Online Business Success

Online business success has no shortcut. In spite of what is told and promoted by hype generators and opportunistic sellers, online business demands hard work. Simply put, that is THE KEY to success. Success is almost like a science. If you follow the laws of success, your chance of breaking … [Read more...]