Sharpen Your Mind To Excel

If you want to perform better than others you need to think better than others. It has been proved that your mind’s thinking sphere is limited by the exposure. There might be exceptions but this applies to all those who are outside that exception.

Sharpening your mind is an exercise that should expose your mind to the subject you want to perform in. If you want to excel in business you need to have more exposure on the subject. [Read more...]

Against Job

I have been brought up in a belief system where getting a job was the ultimate goal of all your education and knowledge. I was lucky enough to come across the thoughts against this. After I completed my postgraduation in orthopedics, I came across literature that spoke against jobs. Why?

Because you are underrated when you are in job.

Slowly and steadily things began to make sense and though I was in job, I started thinking of building systems that would generate money when I was not working.

I am not against job. A job may be just right in your present circumstances but you should be clear in your mind if you want to continue with it life long.

Here is a beautiful article by Steve Pavlina against job.

It has confirmed my position against job. Check yours

Pleasing Wrong People !

You might not know it but you might be working hard and your efforts directed at wrong people. If your target people are not right, how hard you may work failure is waiting to grab you.

Why would you work for wrong people, you might ask.

There are plenty of reasons if you may think about it.

By the time a person is in early twenties, he already knows what he likes and what he does not.

Ask people if they are doing what they wanted.

You would be surprised by the volume of Nays.

They all are working for wrong people. [Read more...]

2242 Unread Mails In My Inbox

I usually do not keep mails unread in my inbox for long. Either I read them or delete them.

Few days back I stopped doing this activity. I did read important mails but I stopped the deletion.

All I used to do was to scan the inbox and then move on to my work if there is nothing that needed my attention.

Slowly the messages piled up and now I have 2242 mails in my inbox, all unread.

A huge pile because I was reluctant to do my daily job.

And now when I have so mny, I keep telling myself – I would clean my inbox when I have time. [Read more...]

Most Important Resource In Internet Business Is Free And Within

One of the most important requirement of making money on the internet is having patience and lot of it. It needs patience to build a site, put up content and grow your audience.

At times it is very slow and you need to work in spite of failures on other times.

You need to be very patient before you see any money.

Sometimes it might take months.

Do not get tempted to sell too much or harvest too much.

Build your business with patience.

If you are not patient, then start practicing it.

In Pursuit Of Perfection…..

…..Do Not Loose Your Chances

We all want to be perfect. It is our everlasting quest. Perfect child, perfect partner, perfect parent etc. There are people who are different in their thoughts but most of people I have come across wanted, at least in theory  and in their own unique style to be perfect.

People show similar streaks when it comes to internet business. I was like this too. I used to ponder over post ideas for hours together to find the perfect post for the day.

Naturally I did not come across ‘my perfect idea often’  and therefore my blog stayed postless on many days together.

Till now I did not write an ebook because I wanted to learn enough to write that perfect book which would click.

No! That is wrong approach.

I have learned from my mistakes and am changing my approches.

Perfection is a kind of never ending dream. You would keep on looking for it and waste quite a chunk of time.

I accepted that I would write what ever I could without worrying about perfection. I would strive to improve and I would write my best under the possible circumstances.

In info publishing like blog and ebooks people do not expect you to be Shakespere or Garcia. All they want is the information they are looking for.

If your article, post or ebook provides that information they would read it, discuss it and share it.

You can write the best prose written so far or best business book and still fail because you failed to market.

See! Writing is a talent. A good talent enables you to write better stuff. Your creative perfection pursuit ends there.

But you also want as many people to read your ebook or blog so that your marketing and money making purpose is encouraged.

Moreover, you improve when you come to field.

When you learn driving, you do not learn each and every aspect in few days and then take out your car anywhere with confidence. It is a slow start. After your learning is over you are able to drive it on empty roads and park it in parking. But to drive on congested roads, night driving, negotiating the traffic – these things take time.

If you want to write something then you better start writing it.

Do not wait for the perfect moment.

It would never arrive.

If you want to start an ebusiness, do that now. Waiting for perfection would be akin to procrastination

Get Information! It Makes You Powerful

Whatever field you are in, if you are well informed about your subject, you are powerful.

This applies to internet business too. You must know your subject in detail and you must strive to know as much more as possible.

There is no end to knowledge and there should be no end to your quest for knowledge.

We may not know all bu we should know enough to become power player.

Having information is prime requisite of knowledge.

A site doe not exist for you if you do not have information on its existence.

It might be that the book you have purchased is also available for free at some other website.

See the power of information.

If you know a lot about your subject, you can pss on the knowledge to others who do not. People start looking up to you.

That is a good thing.

What is difference between you and Guru.

Knowledge, Experience and Confidence.

Knowledge is the first step. Other two would come later.

Therefore get your hand on the information related to your field and make it a habit to do it regularly.

Read books, magazines, blog or newsletter. THe medium hardly matters. The info does.

Slowly you would become the powerhouse.

Taking Along Like Minded and People With Similar Interests

One of the things that I have realized after years of observation is that for success you must create a following. For some it could be the obvious thing. And for others like me it could be a revelation. It is important to create a group of people who think like you or have similar interests as you or have similar need for what you are offering.

When you have a pool of people who are served by your thoughts or service and respond to what you say, you are on path to succeed.

One of the big questions that a newbie mind asks is what should he do?

A newbie mind is like mind of newborn. A child sees ample things around but does not know what to do with them.

A newbie sees a lot many opportunities, many streams where business is done and plethora of business models. The only response he utters is that of frustation.

What should he do?

It is always good to ask yourself – what can I do?

If there are more than one thing that you want to follow I would say give it a try. You may not succeed at what you attempted but then you would start knowing your inclinations, bents and interests and their profitability.

Start following the one which give you initial success.

After you spend some time on it, your choices would get narrowed.

It is easier to work with fewer options.

All the answers would come to you only if you start working on it. Your innate strengths and weaknesses would determine what you would do best.

From that point start mixing with people who happen to be in same niche. Out of those there would be some with whom you would strike a resonating cord.

These are the people who would constitute your following/group.

It would take take time but if done rightly, it is a sure shot path to success.

Little Effort Everyday Makes Goals Closer

Working on your business can be intimidating task sometimes. It is fun and enthusiasm most of the time but sometimes your heart gets that sinking feeling that it may not work.

This is especially true when you have a lot of things at stake. That is why I am a strong advocate of building your own business while you are still in a job.

Build your business and when it starts giving you dividends you have a choice of leaving the job.

Before that happens, however, there is lot of effort, sweat and energy that goes in.

We do fail to work sometimes and on other times we start comparing ourselves with those big guns out there who have all the share of success.

But remember!

If you work everyday, how little it may be, it brings you closer to your goal. Everyday with your little work you are building online assets that are going to work for you in the coming times.

A small thing like adding another message to the autoresponder


Writing a post for the blog


Making a blog comment


Writing a forum post


Writing and publishing an article


Adding another Squidoo page.

The list is endless.

Every little thing of your business directed activity adds a lot to your existing assets.

So! Stop despairing and start working.

Have a good day.