Kaizen – The Constant Never Ending Improvement

First time I came across this word in Anthony Robbins book “Awaken The Giant Within”. It took me some time to realize the real meaning of this word though.

The word has a Japanese origin and it refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business processes, and management. [Read more...]

When An Idea Fails

What is your reaction when an idea fails?

I use to sulk and ponder for days on what went wrong. Obviously it meant a lot of wastage of time and energy. It used to drain me and leave exhausted.

The time has been a good teacher and i have learned that no matter what your calculations of succeeding an idea are, it could fail with certainty.

Every time I fail at something now, I look back at the things for potential miscalculation or potential mistakes I might have committed.

If there are identifiable and modifiable factors, i take a note.

If the factors are not modifiable, I take a note. [Read more...]

Things Take Time

Internet appears a very happening place and fast moving with time. Every day something is happening that takes you by surprise. To me it seems like a fire work show. Every day there erupts a new sparkle from corner of a sky.

In this ever happening place it is natural for a beginner to get intimidated by all the things around him. Everyone around seems so successful and happy whereas he is not achieving anything.

Wait! Hold! Do not get caught into the trap.

Internet is a very big place. The fire work you see is the screen where projections of whole of internet you choose to watch is manifesting. [Read more...]

Sharpen Your Mind To Excel

If you want to perform better than others you need to think better than others. It has been proved that your mind’s thinking sphere is limited by the exposure. There might be exceptions but this applies to all those who are outside that exception.

Sharpening your mind is an exercise that should expose your mind to the subject you want to perform in. If you want to excel in business you need to have more exposure on the subject. [Read more...]

Against Job

I have been brought up in a belief system where getting a job was the ultimate goal of all your education and knowledge. I was lucky enough to come across the thoughts against this. After I completed my postgraduation in orthopedics, I came across literature that spoke against jobs. Why?

Because you are underrated when you are in job.

Slowly and steadily things began to make sense and though I was in job, I started thinking of building systems that would generate money when I was not working.

I am not against job. A job may be just right in your present circumstances but you should be clear in your mind if you want to continue with it life long.

Here is a beautiful article by Steve Pavlina against job.

It has confirmed my position against job. Check yours

Pleasing Wrong People !

You might not know it but you might be working hard and your efforts directed at wrong people. If your target people are not right, how hard you may work failure is waiting to grab you.

Why would you work for wrong people, you might ask.

There are plenty of reasons if you may think about it.

By the time a person is in early twenties, he already knows what he likes and what he does not.

Ask people if they are doing what they wanted.

You would be surprised by the volume of Nays.

They all are working for wrong people. [Read more...]

2242 Unread Mails In My Inbox

I usually do not keep mails unread in my inbox for long. Either I read them or delete them.

Few days back I stopped doing this activity. I did read important mails but I stopped the deletion.

All I used to do was to scan the inbox and then move on to my work if there is nothing that needed my attention.

Slowly the messages piled up and now I have 2242 mails in my inbox, all unread.

A huge pile because I was reluctant to do my daily job.

And now when I have so mny, I keep telling myself – I would clean my inbox when I have time. [Read more...]

Most Important Resource In Internet Business Is Free And Within

One of the most important requirement of making money on the internet is having patience and lot of it. It needs patience to build a site, put up content and grow your audience.

At times it is very slow and you need to work in spite of failures on other times.

You need to be very patient before you see any money.

Sometimes it might take months.

Do not get tempted to sell too much or harvest too much.

Build your business with patience.

If you are not patient, then start practicing it.