Record Your Processes To Create Handy Reference Book

Recently I added RSS function to my Facebook page. I searched and then learnet how to add RSS to Facebook profile and page. I did it with RSS Graffiti. After some initial stumbles I finally managed to get RSS up on my page.

That was few days back. After I finished I knew how to work with RSS Graffiti.

Recently I decided to build another page and I was blank as fresh blackboard.

This time I did the whole process again with some fractured input from my memory.

Had I written the steps last time, I would not have wasted time to relearn the process again.

Lesson learned! [Read more…]

Create An Idea Archive

An idea archive is the storehouse where you put your ideas which you cannot implement right now but would like to work upon in future.

An idea archive can be anything you want to store your ideas in. It could be a folder on your desktop,  a diary that you put your notes in, an audio file, a page on your blog where you record the ideas. It could be anything…. [Read more…]

When Everything Around IS Mess

If everything around you is jumbled up and all appears a big mess, the only way to get out is to start solving it from one end.

And you can start from the end you are most comfortable with.

And you should start now.

Getting out of the mess appears a daunting task but once you start things start falling in line.

Its the beginning which is most difficult.

Gather all your energies and forces…

And start.

Keep Your Bar Optimum

Raising it too high would bring disappointment…

Recently I thought of exercising again to shed off few kilos. I bought a treadmill and was all set to go. First day I could barely last for 5 minutes. Within minutes of starting the briskwalk on treadmill I was short of breath and my body was short of oxygen.

I had set my target at 10 minutes.

I failed the mark. [Read more…]

What Others Do Not Do!

When I just entered into internet marketing arena, I was an absolute newbie. I had no experience in business beyond the spellings of the term and I did not much about internet. I belonged to field of medicine but that was of no use here. Terms, procedures, processes and methods.

There was a lot of stuff I do not know. And there was no body I could ask.

Every newbie undergoes the same experience. I can reflect back and look myself in mirror when a newbie asks a question. [Read more…]

Ten Reasons Why Getting A Job Sucks

As the days of my employment turn into months and years, I cannot help looking more and more at negative aspects of being employed. All the positive things about a job have started looking so much ineffective. If you clearly have a look at the pros and cons of having a job, cons outlast the pros.

What to do?

Job is a need and reality for most of us. Most of us cannot just say goodbye and then work on our businesses. I have been in a job because I am a healthcare provider and to exercise my skills, I need a system and team to work. Being in a job is the easy way to get into the team because the system is built by someone else. [Read more…]

Proceed and Progress No Matter What

Every day begin with its own challenges and objectives. Each morning we wake up to new set of riddles and problems waiting to be solved. Knowingly or unknowingly we do prioritize the problems in order to tackle them, guided either by the compulsion or the dire necessecity.

Because we  are used to solve our problems on quickness and need basis, we often get slackened when the criteria is not matched for.

Usually a thing becomes priority only when either it is too pressing and affects our equilibrium if not attended to.

Now! [Read more…]