Create Content by Recording Your Problems



…..And Solutions

Each of us solves problems almost on daily basis. Problems are part of life and provide us a chance to get a mental thrill by winning them over.


Mostly we come across a problem, look for solutions and either solve them successfully or surrender to them.

In either case we get moving and tend to forget the situation.

I have done that so many times. Next time I have a problem, I again look for solutions again. Until I started to record them.

The drawback of this approach is that we do not document the problem and the solution so that we have a ready reference for the future.

So times later when the problem strikes again, we are still searching for a solution.

Not only the documentation of problem and the solution can help you to build a future reference but also help you to create content.

Just keep reading. So next time you face a problem, just note that in a diary or Word file.

When you have a solution, note the solution in detail underneath the problem.

If you are unable to find a solution, note that too.

It would be a good idea to segregate the solved and unsolved issues.

Just keep adding the matter to your files/diaries whenever you have a problem.

It may be any problem…

Few examples are

  1. Where to get free photos on the net?
  2. How to create dashing logos for free?
  3. How to add a text to WordPress sidebar?
  4. How to edit a photograph?
  5. How to upload a file?
  6. Add your own list

As you expand your file, you might want to categorize your problems further.

You are creating a ready reference.

Plus you have a killer idea file. If you faced a problem, many other people would too have faced the same.

And looking for the answers.

Thus, you have a great content ideas. Just add a little research to ech of your problems and you are on your way to produce killer articles, blog posts, ebooks and videos.

Your unsolved problems also offer a unique advantage. You can create solutions and sell them.

All you need to see first is the demand.

How do you deal with your problems. Do you record them?

4 Tips to Store Ideas for Later Use


it is important to store ideasAn idea is a very precious commodity. So blogger cannot let the idea go away. But the funny thing with idea is that they erupt in your head when you are least prepared to store them.

The problem with idea is if they are not stored properly, they vanish.

If you had a spark while you were coming back to home from your office, and you did not record that, chances are you would lose it by the time you reach home.

Why Not to Lose a Single Idea?

Ideas are very important in your blogging business. You cannot work without ideas. You need is an idea to work upon to establish your blog, to expand your blog and add further business models.

Idea is the foremost. Every thing else follows it.

So nothing is more precious than ideas. And nothing becomes more important than to store ideas when you have them.

As an internet entrepreneur you are always looking for new ideas. One of the drawback of internet is that it reduces the shelf life of content.

You write an article, it gets popular and then it is soon superseded by a new one.

You need to produce content regularly, write and publish regularly. You need to mail your list, you need to participate in forums and so on…

And everywhere you need ideas to stay ahead.

Therefore ideas are precious. You need to always have good and fresh ideas. And when they arrive, you need to store ideas.

Ideas come suddenly, often when you are least prepared for them. They do not care where you are or what you are doing.

They come when you are jogging, when having lunch or are in mid of some other task.

And if they are not grabbed, they just vanish away.

Later you might try your best to catch them, your memory just fails you.

Therefore, always be prepared to receive them.

There is no big science involved here. All you need is some medium to store and save the idea.

#1 Paper and Pen

This is old but very effective method. Always keep a notepad or diary with you where you can scribble immediately the moment idea comes. It is important to note every detail that flashes. I like this method and I use iti most. It is highly convenient and almost instant.

Once you have written your thoughts, they are there to stay. All you need to do is to have a look again.

#2 Computer

Those moments when you are working on your computer or tablet, you can record the idea on a simple notepad or MS Word or any other word processor you like.

Over the time you would create a list of useful ideas you can choose from

#3 Phone

When you do not have access to anything else like paper when you are out, cellphone is another thing that you can use. You can write or record your voice.

Almost every operating system, be it iOS, Android or Windows offer applications that let store your thoughts. You can choose from the available applications. Devices today are really smart and can actually act like your assitant.

#4 Voice Recorder

Not comfortable typing or writing? Use digitalvoice recorder instead. You can later file them or transcribe them. You can also use the recorder feature of your smart phone to record your voice.

What do you do when idea comes?

Focus on Your Strengths and Achieve Better

Focus on Your StrengthsIn our traditional education systems, we are taught to learn everything and not to focus on your strengths. A student is considered good if he performs in all subjects.

If somebody is good in Maths and poor in English, he is asked to devote more time on English and lesser on Maths. Because sole purpose of that education is to get good marks in exams and English becomes as important as Maths.

Nobody cares to know what child is inclined to learn better.

Thus, traditionally we are taught to focus on our weaknesses rather than strength. A complete person has an image of jack of all the trades.

Today, I see a great change in world needs and demands. While jack of all the trades are good for some kind of jobs,innovators are needed to carry the work to next levels.

One cannot innovate untill he knows his subject very well.

Somehow, we carry our impressions of traditional educational system to our online business too.

We try to focus on too many things. We don’t focus on what we do best.

In learning and doing everything we divert our energies.

Naturally, if you are not good at something you would be spending more time on learning and doing. That means you are spending more time on the things that you are not effective with. That means your efforts are not bringing the optimum returns.

Let us make sense. Suppose you are good in playing football. Would you spend time in learning how to play hockey or rather sharpen your soccer skills.

It is obvious that you would spend your energies on pruning your talents.

We are all victim of correct your weakness mentality. All our life we try to correct ourselves in the spheres we are not good at and at the same time neglecting our talent.

Let us come back to internet business now.

If you have a flare for writing should you go for a copywriting course or PPC course because you have no idea about pay per click marketing. My choice would be copywriting course. If I spend my time in learning PPC I am underutilizing my writing strength in order to improve on my PPC weakness.

As a result I become mediocre in both fields. Had I concentrated on writing I could have excelled in that and built a strong business around that. I can outsource PPC to someone who is good at that

Do the things you are good at.