Become An Article Writer In A week

article-writerArticle Marketer is offering a seven day free ecourse on becoming an article writer. This course is created for the people who are new to this craft and wants to learn from scratch.

For that segment, it is a course that divides article writing into small chunks of chores that makes the task of learning this craft very smooth.

The course comprises of six lessons which have following titles

# Day 1 – Choosing Your Topic
# Day 2 – Crafting a Title
# Day 3 – Mastering the List Article
# Day 4 – Summaries, Beginnings and Conclusions
# Day 5 – Writing your Resource Box
# Day 6 – Submitting Your Article

Each lesson is quite thorough and discusses the elements of particular chore quite in detail. In addition to the tips, each lesson also provides links to resources that you can utilize.

The course is absolutely free. You can read the whole course online. No subscription is required.

Here is the link to course

Seven Day FreeĀ  Ecourse

My Take

Would you learn the craft of article writing from this course?


Would you become a professional writer by end of the course.


That would take effort and time. You need to continue practicing and practicing till you perfect yourself.

But to start with, it is good course

What is the Catch?

As such nothing. Article marketer offers submission services and would promote this in the end of course. it is a good service but you do not have to join if you do not want to.

Here is the link again

Seven Day FreeĀ  Ecourse

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