Are You Selling Garbage?

I have always advised you to be wary of nicely packaged garbage products. I have always cautioned you not to buy such products. Not only they humiliate your intelligence and integrity but also leave a bad taste in the mouth.

These products come with a tell tale signs. They would be nicely packaged with a killer copyright to entice you then and there. They would promise the sky and this thing is next big thing etc.

Be wary of these products.

Do not buy them.

And in return do not sell them too.

Selling or promoting these kinds of products might make you some quick cash but is detrimental for your business growth and reputation.

Internet is a big but very closed community. The things you do follow you everywhere.

Yes! you can dupe ( Sorry! But selling garbage is equivalent to duping) some people and make money but this would not be contusive to your long term growth because

  • It hurts your reputation
  • It destroys your integrity
  • It cautions people not to follow you
  • It provokes people to badmouth your character

let us face it. Today you need to build a large follower base to become a big success. If you sell under valued products to people, they would stop following you and that is detrimental to your business.

One may argue that value lies in eyes of beholder. But then there is something called average and what I am talking about is meaningless, repetitive fluff filled products that do not provide the promised value to the buyer.

Once in a while we do get tempted but keeping a check in back of your mind would keep you steadfast.

Internet marketing is already full of scams and garbage products. Refrain from adding to that.

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