Addressing Few Concerns

Lately, I have not been posting regularly and there are a lot of factors involved. The factors are more of personal kinds and all that I can say is that my daily activities have tied me so much with them that I find it difficult to write and publish.

I am working hard on few things. I have been so busy in past one year that all my efforts to keep the blog posted did not become successful.

This was the first website that I started. So obviously it is very dear to me.  Recently, I decided to prune my involvements in many of my websites, most of which have been severely neglected.

As a result, I have shut 5 of my websites. That means more of my focus on this website.

Another site eProducts Library has also not been updated for three months.

This post is to assure you that I am not letting these sites go anywhere. I am still coping to get time but for these activities but things are going to get better sooon.

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