Google Adsense Category Filtering Option Now Available In 13 Languages

Category filtering in Adsense is a feature that gives publishers the ability to block ads that fall into specific categories

Regardless of how ads are targeted, they’ll be filtered if they’re within one of the selected categories.

There is a good news if  you’re an international publisher who’s been waiting for category filtering.

Google Adsense is expanding the  feature’s availability worldwide. It’s currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Arabic. In addition, we’re beginning to roll this out in beta for Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.

The feature is still in beta though. [Read more…]

Web Site Creation – Where To Learn About Web Designing For Free

Every Thursday, there is a topic covered in internet marketing basics. This series is aimed to address the basic building blocks of internet business, the very foundations on which your business would prosper.The articles in this series are for people who have just started or willing to start. Let us sharpen the basic concepts together.

You are welcome and in fact encouraged to ask the questions and make comments. Your queries would be replied with full consideration.

As a part of basic skills development, it is my advise to learn some part of web designing. No I am not asking you to become a geek but you should have a basic , very superficial idea so that you do not look for help in case you want to modify color, add some code or add a graphic or create logo.

Just a brief idea about the designing and language involved would strengthen you and in the long run would prove handy.

Covering of the web designing is out of scope of this series and moreover I am not qualified for that. However, I can guide you to the websites which offer courses and quick information whenever you require.

I hope that they’ll be useful to you. [Read more…]

Free Giveaway – Relationship Marketing With Emails

Email marketing is old but effective method of marketing.

In this book you learn all about one of the best ways to build your Internet marketing business – which is through E-mail marketing.


  • Tips on Building Rapport with Your Subscriber
  • Establish Yourself as an Authority
  • Use E-courses To Build Credibility over Time
  • Crafting an Excellent Squeeze Page
  • What You Must Avoid At All Costs

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Relationship Marketing With Emails

5 Steps To Better Twitter Marketing

Is Twitter in your business strategy! If not it should be.
Twitter and Facebook are leading social websites and you must plan your Twitter strategy for building your business.
Lee Oden at Top Rank Blog has come with a very nice article on 5 Steps to better Twitter marketing.

Check it here
5 Steps to Build a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Wordtracker – I Just Joined

In my effort to boost my business I decided to invest in projects that were either neglected or took a lot of time. Keyword research was one of those projects and it came in later category.

I use to use free tools which were either not that good or involved too much work.

Things were becoming difficult with many websites to manage.

So I decided to tackle this issue. [Read more…]

Most Important Resource In Internet Business Is Free And Within

One of the most important requirement of making money on the internet is having patience and lot of it. It needs patience to build a site, put up content and grow your audience.

At times it is very slow and you need to work in spite of failures on other times.

You need to be very patient before you see any money.

Sometimes it might take months.

Do not get tempted to sell too much or harvest too much.

Build your business with patience.

If you are not patient, then start practicing it.

How To Optimize Images For Better Search Engine Ranking

Image search is quite hot in several niches. Entertainment industry and health are two good examples but there are many more. With more and more people directly using image search functionality, the images are getting more an more attention.

Unlike the text optimization of images has not evolved that much but lately it has become quite a hot topic. So if you have a website that hosts many images, you can outperform others by considering few things about optimization of the images.

As search engines struggle to deliver good results for the image searches, you can reward your efforts by taking care of few things. [Read more…]

10 Tips To Social Media Success For Ecommerce Sites

Social media should be strategy of every web entrepreneur. Every big gun is employing social strategy for more customers and followers.

Small business owners often get perplexed when it comes to social marketing.  It does not seem to  be fathomable and kind of vague to interact and  not sell.

But a deeper look at the concept tells that in the end the social efforts would definitely get you more customers, provided you do it right way.

Glen from Top Rank Blog has come up with 10 tips for Ecommerce websites. It is a good article and I recommend you to go through it.

Here is The Article

10 Essential Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Sites

What Is A Microsite?

A microsite is also known as a minisite or weblet, is a term referring to an individual web page or cluster of pages which are meant to function as an auxiliary supplement to a primary website.

Microsites are typically used to add a specialized group of information either editorial or commercial. Microsites can be linked to the main site or may stand as independent web page without any link to primary site.

Microsite canbe temporary or permanent depending on the need for which it was created.

Microsites can be a great tool to engage your readers and sell to them. [Read more…]